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Central African Republic is in the heart of the African continent. Known as one of the least developed countries in the world, more than 70% of its population lives in a rural environment. After the 2013 military coup, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a nation that has been crippled in the last ten years.

But if you want to work and travel in Central African Republic, there are lots of opportunities for you to help and assist. Our travel guide to Central African Republic is going to detail what you need to know before you tackle this impoverished country.

1. Peace Management in Central African Republic

The diverse groups within the country are part of the reason why Central African Republic erupts into conflict on a semi-regular basis. Peace management groups are there to manage these groups.

Many of the volunteers who work in Central African Republic are professionals. But aside from them, you can join one of these peace management groups.

You will be supporting the professionals in their efforts to provide basic services, counselling, and reconstruction. Every role within a peace management group is different.

2. Distribute Basic Amenities in Central African Republic

The wars of the Central African Republic have devastated the country. The government is practically useless when it comes to its ability to provide its people with what they need to survive. This includes food, clean water, and medical supplies.

If you want to travel in Central African Republic, you can help distribute essential supplies. You’ll be on the move regularly and you’ll also get to see the true face of this country.

As far as volunteering opportunities in Central African Republic go, this is one of the best options for interacting with local people.

3. Work in an Orphanage in Central African Republic

With so many dead, thousands of children have been left with no parents nor relatives. They’re the true victims of the wars in this country.

You can find work in an orphanage, where you’ll be able to make a real difference. Your role may be limited to simply keeping the children entertained, or you could be a teacher. Limited English teaching classes are available. However, the most common role for foreign volunteers who travel in Central African Republic is teaching children how to read and write.


Understand this is a volatile zone, so if you work and travel in Central African Republic you should ensure that you’re only working with a recognised organisation that will take responsibility for your safety and security.

The only Western countries that are able to work in Central African Republic without a visa for at least 90 days are the US and Israel.

Everyone else has to apply for a visa, barring certain African countries. Due to the situation, this can be a time-consuming process. Without a position already secured, you don’t stand a chance of being granted a visa. This is for your safety.

In most cases, a visa application will be made on your behalf months in advance of going into the country.



For most of spring, you’ll be travelling and working during the dry season. The rainy season typically starts around June, but if you’re in the southern regions of Central African Republic it can begin as early as May.

During spring, the best option is to move to the north of the country and attach yourself to one of the outdoor projects. These can include reconstruction work in villages, distributing food and farming supplies in preparation for the rainy season, or acting in a support role for professionals who enter villages across the north.


The summer season consists of heavy rains, in most years, across the whole country. Of course, projects don’t stop due to the rainy season, but the uninitiated may prefer a more comfortable indoor role.

Choosing orphanages as your choice for work in Central African Republic could be prudent during this time of year. Other jobs can include supporting young people in their studies and ensuring that villages are well-protected from flooding.


The rainy season ends around September in the north and in October in the south. This is an intriguing time for work and travel in Central African Republic because practically every project is available in autumn.

We recommend that you refer back to the previous sections for further information on what you can do if you travel in Central African Republic in autumn.


Winter is the dry season and the temperatures can feel impossibly hot. It’s also far removed from the last rains of the year, so this is when many communities are most vulnerable.

We recommend that you join a programme to distribute fresh water and food to those who’re most in need. These projects are available in abundance in winter, especially if there was a lack of rain that year. By doing this you’re not just joining a volunteer project you’re helping to save lives.


The thing you need to understand about Central African Republic is that this is a volatile country that could erupt into conflict at any time. With military rule in the country independent travel is practically impossible right now. This is not going to be a conventional tourist experience.

Projects bring you into direct contact with locals who likely don’t speak your language. They’re curious, but certain groups can also be distrustful of foreigners. The situation in Central African Republic does come as a direct result of its colonisation and fight for independence, so you can guess why they may be nervous.

This is why we say you need to work with a reputable organisation that’s going to cover all your needs. It’s too dangerous to do otherwise.

However, those who’re brave and really want to help are getting themselves into a truly unique experience that will leave a mark on local communities.

Do you want to work and travel in Central African Republic?

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