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The Czech Republic has been known under many names, including Czechoslovakia and, most recently, Czechia. The Czech Republic is part of the main European backpacking trail, known for its beautiful architecture and wild parties.

But if you want to take a break from all that and do something really meaningful, volunteer opportunities in the Czech Republic are available now.

Read through our travel guide to the Czech Republic to find out more.

1. Teach English in the Czech Republic

Most Czechs have a high level of English. The reason for this is that there’s a desire to learn English to a high standard from a young age.

Bringing in native English speakers to work in the Czech Republic is a big part of that. There are roles from being a full-time teacher in a school all the way to a few weeks spent in a summer camp in the Czech countryside.

Often, you don’t need to have any real qualifications. But if you want to work as part of a professional institution expect to be asked for the TEFL qualification, at a minimum.

2. Help Refugees in the Czech Republic

The 2015/2016 refugee crisis dominated Central Europe. Today, there are thousands of refugees who have settled in the Czech Republic.

Charities are helping these people who have come from war-torn nations. As you travel in the Czech Republic, you could make a difference to their lives by involving yourself with these charities.

Every charity is different and addresses different needs, such as helping them to speak English, giving them an education, and helping them to integrate into the country.

3. Work at a Sports Camp in the Czech Republic

The majority of people who travel in the Czech Republic come during the summer. A popular option for work in the Czech Republic is to volunteer at a sports camp.

It’s one of the best volunteer opportunities in the Czech Republic because you get to have fun and get to know the locals all at the same time.

You don’t need any qualifications and these are relatively short-term project. Many organisations even invite their volunteers to stay on for multiple camps.


Before you come to work and travel in the Czech Republic, you need to know about the visa requirements for the country.

The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen zone. You’ll need to get a Schengen visa, which gives you 90 days of time in the whole of the zone. This is only valid once per 180 days.

If you’re from the EU, you can stay as long as you want and you don’t need to apply for any form of visa. Under the terms of the Schengen Agreement, you can even stay and take paid work in the country without requiring a type of visa.

Anyone from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and the North American nations are able to get a Schengen visa on arrival in any of the Schengen countries.

If you happen to be from Russia, China, or South Africa you’ll need to apply for a Schengen visa before you arrive. A successful visa application entitles you to stay under the same terms as any other nationality described in this section.



The Czech Republic experiences the same seasons as the rest of Europe. The spring time isn’t the high season and you’ll be able to enjoy work in the Czech Republic without the hordes of tourists everywhere.

This is a great time to work on a farm because they always need help with the harvest. Most of these volunteer opportunities in the Czech Republic take the form of a home stay. You’ll have the chance to meet local people and experience what it’s really like to live in the country.


The Czech Republic experiences hot summers, with the tourist high season also hitting hard. There are so many options for work and travel in the Czech Republic in summer.

For a start, you’ll have the chance to work in hostels across the country. The majority of the hostels are located in Prague, but you’ll find more in both urban and rural areas. The work is simple and you’ll get the advantage of free accommodation.

You can also work in sports camps to get out of the urban areas. A lot of volunteers love these camps because they offer a unique experience and real experience for a future CV.


Autumn, like in the rest of Europe, is the time when the kids go back to school. This is why if you want to teach English in the Czech Republic in a school this is the time of year to be here. You could also find work in the Czech Republic as a private tutor.

The majority of roles require you to have at least a TEFL qualification, especially if you intend on working in a school or university.

However, private roles usually just require you to be a native English speaker. If you’re not, you may be able to get by with fluency, but jobs can be harder to come by.

You should also refer back to the ‘Spring’ section as farm work is also possible in autumn.


Travel in the Czech Republic in winter and you’ll experience bitterly cold temperatures. But you can find work on the ski slopes. Harrachov is just one of the options you have for finding work in the Czech Republic in winter.

Volunteers in these ski resorts can work on the slopes, but they can also be part of the volunteering staff in various chalets and guesthouses.


Anyone who wants to work and travel in the Czech Republic will find a range of opportunities to take advantage of. The Schengen visa also allows easy travel to other countries during weekends.

The Czech Republic is a diverse country with a high number of English speakers. You’ll have no problems making your way here.

Do you want to work and travel in the Czech Republic?

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