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Like much of the Middle East, Jordan comes with a turbulent history. But if that doesn’t bother you and you want to work and travel in Jordan, you’ll get closer to one of the major centres of the world’s problems. You’ll be able to make a real difference and step outside your comfort zone.

We have a number of volunteer opportunities in Jordan. Consider this to be your travel guide to Jordan. Are you ready to challenge yourself in this ancient land?

1. Help Refugees in Jerash

Not many people know about the Gaza refugee camp in Jordan. There are 23,000 people living in just a single square kilometre. None of them have any ID or paperwork so they’re unable to ever move on.

Join up with a programme to help the refugees here. You can do everything from helping children learn to read to handing out food aid which arrives here on a periodic basis.

2. Cultural Exchange in Jordan

There are organisations that want to encourage more knowledge of the outside world within the country. These initiatives are there to offer a cultural exchange between locals and foreigners.

Your job will be to introduce these people to your culture and your lifestyle. You’ll be rewarded with free accommodation, alongside a new knowledge of traditional crafts and an insight into the Jordanian lifestyle.

It’s a wonderful way to work and travel in Jordan!

3. Restoration Work in Petra

Travel in Jordan is normally a thing because people want to visit the lost ancient city of Petra. Not many people who travel in Jordan are aware that the restoration of Petra still isn’t finished. New discoveries are being made all the time. You could be part of those discoveries.

Whether it’s through Jordan University or the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, you could join a team as a volunteer and help with the research of these organisations in Petra. The more qualifications you have the more likely you are to command a paying role.


Generally, only other citizens of the Middle East are entitled to enter Jordan without the need for a visa. Practically every other nationality, including all Westerners, is able to get a visa-on-arrival at most land crossings and any airport. Take note the visa isn’t available at the Wada Araba crossing with Israel, except for Israeli citizens in tour groups.

The visa-on-arrival can be purchased for up to 12 months with multiple entries, or you can choose one that only lasts for two months, as well as some more in between.

We recommend trying to arrive in Jordan by air as crossing through the land border with Israel will leave evidence of your visit to Israel in your passport, which will ban you from travelling to over 10 countries, including Lebanon and Kuwait.



The spring is one of the high seasons in the country for tourism. These are pleasant temperatures with little chance of rainfall across the country. Outdoors jobs are desirable at this time of year, such as archaeological work and any work within refugee camps.

There are also plenty of tourists and backpackers in the spring, so you should find it easy to secure volunteering opportunities in Jordan targeted at foreigners.


The summer season is almost unbearable in a country that consists mainly of endless desert. Any job you can find indoors at this time of year is ideal. Teaching English in Jordan is a popular way to spend time in the country during the summer months because even the locals don’t want to go outside!

It’s relatively easy to find work in Jordan as an English teacher in the major cities. The best option for travellers is to head to Amman, which is an extremely modern, bustling capital.

You may even be able to find paying work if you know where to go and decide to work on a private basis. If you have a TEFL qualification schools and universities will be open to hiring you for the months ahead.


Autumn brings the second high season to Jordan. You should refer back to the ‘Spring’ section for more information on the roles available at this time of year.

Arguably, this is the best time to work and travel in Jordan because many of the tour companies open for business. Desert activities, such as sandboarding, are available. Volunteers who know their stuff can find work as instructors or supervisors in the vast deserts.

You may even be able to find work at some of the resorts on the Dead Sea.


Not many people know that even Jordan can get bitterly cold during the wintertime. Few tourists visit at this time of year and it’s unlikely that you’re going to find much work at all throughout the country.

There are no winter sports in the country, so it’s best to use this opportunity to either leave Jordan or to travel around some of the tourist destinations when crowd numbers are fewer.


Jordan is a surprisingly cut off country due to the fact that there are few cheap flights into or out of the country.

Most backpackers cross the land border with Israel to enter the country. And few tourists go beyond Petra and the Dead Sea. That means you’re likely to elicit a huge amount of curiosity when you go off the beaten track. There are no real dangers to foreigners and you won’t find a huge number of scammers like you would in places like Egypt.

There are usually no problems in Jordan as long as you don’t bring up issues of politics or religion. Despite being one of the more peaceful areas of the region, it still has a divisive history with the countries around it (especially Israel).

If you’re ready to go beyond the conventional in Jordan, you have everything you need to extend your stay and get under the skin of this country.

Are you prepared to enter this Biblical land?

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