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Malawi is one of the smaller countries in Africa, but travel in Malawi offers unrivalled beauty that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s becoming an increasingly popular stop on the backpacker trail and you can join that trail on your next adventure.

Leave a lasting change in this challenging country with work and travel in Malawi. Our specialised travel guide to Malawi is going to introduce you to the opportunities within this country:

1. Become a Wildlife Assistant in Malawi

Parks like that of Lilongwe provide you with a chance to become a wildlife assistant. These volunteering opportunities in Malawi are unique in that they allow you to work closely with the animals you would normally only come across on an expensive safari.

You’ll be supporting rangers and scientists in the study and protection of these majestic animals. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a difference and come face-to-face with some of the fiercest creatures on the planet.

2. Be a Primary School Teacher in Malawi

Like most African countries, education is lacking. It’s down to international organisations to provide the necessary funding to offer a good education to the children of Africa. You can be a part of that by teaching primary school children in Malawi.

This type of work in Malawi is available across the country, but Monkey Bay is a big hub for this sort of work. You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to get involved in these projects.

You just have to be a charismatic native English speaker and you’re good to go.

3. Join an Extra Curricular Club in Malawi

When school is finished it’s not uncommon for children to have nothing to do. Efforts are being made to help children and their natural talents flourish across the country.

These after school clubs are designed to help foster community engagement and to give children a chance to indulge their talents.

Clubs like this may revolve around sports, arts and crafts, language, and more. If you have a talent or you just love children, choose this work in Malawi and make connections with real people.


Travel in Malawi is easy because most countries are entitled to either visa-free entry or the opportunity to visit with a visa-on-arrival. For more info click here.

There are 33 countries entitled to visa-free travel in the country. Unfortunately, these countries are other African countries. Only South African travellers, and others from the nearby region, can enter the country for 90 days without a visa.

Citizens of the UK, North America, the European Union (EU), Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and China can get a visa-on-arrival. Take note that this is only valid for 30 days, but the 30-day visa can be extended to 90 days whilst you’re in the country without too many headaches.

Russian citizens must apply for a visa to Malawi in advance.



Malawi is south of the equator and comes with a tropical climate. From April, you’ll work and travel in Malawi in the winter season. This is the best season to travel in Malawi because you’ll experience a cool and dry climate.

It’s the perfect time of year to become a wildlife assistant. There are parks across the country because Malawi has a small yet popular safari industry. Different parks and areas of the country will be dedicated to working with different types of animals, so make sure you do your research.

The winter season is a good time to involve yourself in construction work. You’ll be able to work in rural villages and see the countryside. The work is difficult and you’ll spend a long time working per day, but it’s rewarding because you’re making lasting change and getting the opportunity to work alongside locals where they live.

Finally, extra-curricular camps are always popular because of the lack of the afternoon rains. Consider looking them up and you may be able to combine your presence here with teaching.


The summer season, at least until the start of September, is a continuation of the dry season. There are no specific seasonal skills in summer that you won’t find in spring.

Refer back to the previous section to find out more about some of the things you can do in summer.


The autumn season is the beginning of the wet season. It can be extremely humid and the rains coming in short, intense bouts. It’s not the right time of year for many of the conservation projects, even though many of them will still be available.

This is an excellent time of year to begin your time teaching. This sort of work in Malawi is available throughout the country, whether in the urban or rural areas. Most of these projects are long-term, but you can find some placements for just a few weeks.

Another option in the autumn is to work in orphanages. There are so many orphans in the country and they need your help. Most of your tasks will be confined to helping them with their homework and playing with them.

Computer literacy projects may be another option for those who want to work and travel in Malawi. Help businessowners get online. You don’t need a degree in IT. As long as you’re computer literate you’ll be able to teach the locals how to make use of the Internet.


The winter season is a continuation of the wet season. Work in Malawi is much the same in winter as it is in autumn, so refer back to the previous section for more information on the things you can do during the winter time.


Malawi is an African country that has received far more tourists in recent years. You don’t need to worry about the harassment that you would need to put up with in certain other parts of Africa. However, the locals will continue to exhibit a great deal of curiosity in where you came from.

Bear in mind that most locals are happy to see you. You’re providing vital skills that they don’t have, so you’ll experience no hostility if you’re picking up the volunteering opportunities in Malawi on your next trip.

Do you have what it takes to work and travel in Malawi?

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