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Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean. Part of the Leeward Islands, Montserrat has suffered in recent history. After an enormous volcanic eruption in 1997, two thirds of the population fled the island. The former capital of Plymouth is still buried under mud today, with only the northern part of the island being populated.

The most interesting part about Montserrat is that this tiny island is actually increasing in size because of the volcanic surface that has hardened and continues to extend into the Caribbean Sea.

You can still travel in Montserrat if you’re looking for an incredible adventure. Cheaper than many other Caribbean hotspots, you can take up some of the volunteering opportunities in Montserrat to see the real side of this island.

Our travel guide to Montserrat is going to show you everything you need to know.

1. Protect Sea Turtles Around Montserrat

This part of the Caribbean is known for its sea turtles. Thousands of travellers visit this part of the world every year to see them. However, they are constantly under attack from illegal fishing and other environmental factors.

The volcanic eruption certainly didn’t help!

Join a charity dedicated to protecting the sea turtles. Depending on the time of year you work and travel in Montserrat, you could find yourself on land or at sea.

There’s no better way to get close to these creatures than through this type of work in Montserrat.

2. Join an Aquatic Youth Club in Montserrat

Montserrat lacks the opportunities that many Caribbean islands have. The problem with Montserrat is that there are few opportunities for the young, so reaching out to younger members of the community is a big priority on the island.

There are aquatic youth clubs across what’s known as the ‘Safe North’. They need anyone who’s able to dive, swim, and snorkel.

It’s the perfect opportunity to make connections with the locals.

3. Clean Up the Coastline of Montserrat

Many of the smaller Caribbean islands struggle to deal with the amount of debris that reaches their shores. Montserrat is no different, and it was compounded by the volcanic eruption that destroyed much of the island.

Foreigners who are looking for volunteering opportunities in Montserrat are welcome to help clean up the coastline.

This takes place along the coastline and in the sea itself, depending on your skills.


Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory. However, if you come from a country where a visa is required you should know that access to this island doesn’t guarantee you access to the UK, and vice-versa. All required visas can be acquired from any British embassy around the world, though.

Montserrat offers a generous six months per tourist visa for North Americans, all Europeans, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea. For more info click here.

Citizens of Russia and China must have a visa in advance. However, for an ordinary entry visa you can now use the new e-visa system.

If accepted, you’ll also be entitled to the same six-month entry period as citizens of countries that are entitled to visa-free entry.



Montserrat boasts a classic Caribbean climate throughout much of the year. The important part to remember is that Montserrat is, unfortunately, in the middle of the hurricane alley that runs up the Caribbean. We strongly recommend you don’t attempt to visit during the hurricane season, and to be aware of any weather warnings.

The spring season is a cool, dry season. It encompasses the tail end of the main tourist season, so there are lots of opportunities to work in Montserrat if you want to join the tourism industry.

Working in hotels, guesthouses, and hostels are all options for you.

Most of the work will involve cleaning and general receptionist work. If you want other roles, you’ll be expected to have prior experience and to apply well in advance.


The summer season is the rainy season. Luckily, the hurricanes usually don’t hit until autumn. We wouldn’t recommend travel in Montserrat in summer because you can’t do much because of the heavy rains.

If you insist on coming, you may have the option of working with smaller children as a teacher or helping the elderly.

These are the only real volunteering roles in Montserrat available at this time.


Autumn is the one season of the year where we wouldn’t recommend any work and travel in Montserrat. Hurricanes are likely and the rainy season intensifies.

With a succession of harsh hurricane seasons recently, we advise travellers to stay well away.


The winter season is the hottest part of the year and the main tourism season. This is the best time of year for conservation work.

Whether you want to clean up the coastline or work with some of the endangered sea creatures in the area, you’ll find plenty of options.

There are also projects that focus on removing invasive marine life from the area, such as the lionfish. It’s your chance to make a real difference.

If you want to work in the tourism industry in winter, we recommend applying well in advance. The majority of major resorts will want to have their staff in place at least three months before the start of winter. However, you can still pick up work in smaller guesthouses without too much trouble.


What do you need to know about work in Montserrat?

Despite being poor, you won’t have too much trouble getting around the parts of the island that are still accessible. The island is one of the smaller ones and doesn’t come with any real language barrier because the official language is English.

People from Montserrat aren’t as used to tourists, so you won’t get the same level of harassment as you would expect in countries like Jamaica.

If you want to work and travel in Montserrat, there has never been a better time to start your next adventure.

Do you want to visit Montserrat this year?

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