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Mozambique is an increasingly popular location for backpackers travelling down through the eastern half of Africa. But despite the new tourists who want to travel in Mozambique, this remains an impoverished country. There are luxury resorts, but beyond those areas you can expect to confront Africa in its rawest form.

Work and travel in Mozambique can give you an idea of what the real face of the country is like and help you to give back all at the same time.

Our travel guide to Mozambique below is going to show you everything you need to know about this country.

1. Protect Wildlife in Mozambique

What many people don’t know is that this is a land filled with biodiversity. Efforts are being made even now to protect the animals and flora so future generations can continue to enjoy it.

One of the best volunteering opportunities in Mozambique involves joining a conservation organization. They’re often grouped in the southern part of the country, such as in Ponta Do Ouro. These projects will take you away from the tourist areas and provide you with the chance to live within nature, whether it’s on a beach or within a forest.

2. Care for Horses in Mozambique

Anyone who has visited the country before is aware that horses in tourism are a common sight. Unfortunately, a lot of these beasts are not cared for and are designed to work until they drop.

That’s why if you care for animals this work in Mozambique could be for you. You’ll be living on a horse farm, where you’ll be taking care of the horses and ensure they have a great quality of life.

You don’t need to be an expert in horses. Most of your duties will enjoy feeding them, cleaning the stables, and taking them out into the fields and hills for exercise.

3. Become a Teacher in Mozambique

You likely already know about the fact that Mozambique is a poor country with a high level of poverty. Education is poor and usually isn’t available to the poorest in society.

Charities are searching for volunteer teachers who want to make a difference. You’ll be expected to have qualifications if you want to work with older children, but backpackers will be able to help teach children the basics.

This could include showing them how to read and write, how to count, and how to speak English. It’s a rewarding job that will bring you into contact with real people as you travel in Mozambique.


The only countries that have visa-free travel to Mozambique are those surrounding it, such as South Africa. However, every other country in the world is entitled to a visa-on-arrival without any prior approval. For more info click here.

Take note that visa-free countries are able to stay for 90 days. If you get a visa-on-arrival you’ll only be entitled to stay for 30 days.

One caveat, relevant to those who travel in the south of the country, is that despite being single entry, you can cross into South Africa and Swaziland and return on the same visa.

For longer stays, you will need to acquire a visa from an embassy.



Your spring visit to Mozambique will see you enjoying the shoulder season. It’s just after the rainy season and just before the main dry season. The more remote areas may still be difficult to visit at this time of year, so you should stick to major settlements.

Working with the elderly or joining community outreach programs in the poorer urban areas are all good options for anyone who wants to work in Mozambique in spring.

Teaching programmes are also popular options for volunteers who visit the country in spring.


The summer season is the main tourist season because this is winter in this part of the world. You’ll enjoy cooler temperatures and rainfall is rare.

This is why you should opt for conservation programs in the summer. Working on the coastlines in the south or going into the more forested areas will give you a chance to experience the natural beauty of Mozambique. You’ll also get to play a big role in protecting these areas for future generations.

Another option could involve working in a hostel or hotel. As you would expect, the biggest chance of this work is in the south close to the beaches.

You usually don’t need prior experience to pick up this type of work, but it helps.


Autumn in the country makes up the winter season and the shoulder season. Due to the winding down of the tourist season, we recommend going into the more isolated areas.

You’ll have no problems travelling there and you’ll find it easy to pick up work in smaller villages. Charities are there to provide improved farming technology and techniques. Or they launch projects helping to rebuild the infrastructure of the region.


The winter season is the main wet season and volunteering opportunities in Mozambique are limited. If you do want to travel in Mozambique during this time of year, we recommend that you refer back to the ‘Spring; section for further information on some of the projects you can get involved in.


Mozambique feels much less remote than it did a couple of decades ago. The country is more stable than it used to be and the infrastructure is quickly improving. However, this continues to be an impoverished country lacking in the modern amenities you might be used to.

You should bear in mind that scams can be common and the gap between rich and poor is huge. For this reason, take normal safety precautions and be wary if you get the chance to work and travel in Mozambique for money. You should volunteer sustainably.

Other than that, you’ll find Mozambique to be one of the easiest countries to visit in this part of Africa.
So do you want to see what Mozambique has to offer?

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