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Pakistan has an extremely negative reputation the world over. There are also many travellers who will not travel in Pakistan because of this reputation.

But as long as you use common sense and you're aware of the regions you should avoid, you can have the challenge of your life if you want to work and travel in Pakistan.

Our travel guide to Pakistan is going to introduce you to everything you need to know about making the most of your time here.

1. Teach English in Pakistan

Despite its history as a British colony, a large number of people don't speak a high level of English. This is particularly true in the Himalayan regions of the country.

If you want to see the tallest mountains in the world, these are the volunteering opportunities in Pakistan you should look into.

Spend your time teaching English in Pakistan and you'll get the chance to live like a local and provide skills that will stick with your students for a lifetime.

Most of these programmes do require long-term commitments, so make sure you have the time. You may also be expected to possess a college degree of some kind.

2. Improve Literacy Rates in Pakistan

Did you know that only 55% of the population is literate in Pakistan?

The fact is literacy rates are actually falling due to a lack of investment in the education system. Do your part in preventing this fall by working with Pakistanis in learning how to read and write.

Together with your host, you'll be able to teach people young and old and transform their lives.

You don't need any prior qualifications to involve yourself in this sort of work in Pakistan. It's the perfect choice for travellers who haven't volunteered before.

3. Provide Opportunities in the Slums of Pakistan

Pakistan has a big gap between the rich and the poor. Absolute poverty manifests itself in the form of slums across the major cities of the country.

Help the people of the slums by educating them, giving them access to opportunities, and pointing them in the right direction so they don't go down a dark path.

Most of this work will involve you assisting with professionals as they go about their work.

What travellers love about these projects in Pakistan is its one of the best ways to come into contact with the real heart of the country and its problems.


Pakistan is one of the least open countries in the world for ordinary tourists. Many countries are able to enter the country with a visa-on-arrival if they're part of a group tour or in the country on business.

However, these arrangements require a local sponsor and a similar amount of paperwork as getting an ordinary tourist visa.

Only a few African countries are entitled to visa-free entry to Pakistan.

Everyone else can either apply for an e-visa or should apply for a tourist visa by visiting a Pakistani embassy.



Pakistan enjoys one of the greatest variations in climate in the world. You can find practically every type of climate across Pakistan, so there's something for everybody.

You should volunteer in the regions of Pakistan away from the Himalayas, due to heavy snowfall. We recommend opting to work with disadvantaged communities.

Working in the slums at this time of year is always popular as these people are just coming out of a hard winter. They need help repairing infrastructure and making changes to their homes.


The summer season is the ideal time to get out of the cities and move towards the Himalayan regions.

There's so much you can do during the summer season. Teaching English in these remote communities is always a popular option. Just make sure you show some evidence of formal English teaching qualifications, even if you're a native English speaker.

There are also conservation projects in the Himalayan regions. Working to study and protect the flora and fauna of this unique part of the world will allow you to see a side of the country few tourists do.

Another one of the volunteering opportunities in Pakistan involves working with children. This is when most children are away from school and efforts are being made to setup community centres.

You may also be able to find camps in Karachi dedicated to sports, arts and crafts, and theatre. For these projects, you don't need to have any formal qualifications.


The autumn season is similar to the summer, with only a slight drop in temperature.

You should refer back to the 'Summer' section for more information on some of the things you can do in autumn.


The winter is one of the worst times to visit Pakistan. Heavy snow is common and it can become bitterly cold in most parts of the country.

You may be able to find work in certain ski resorts in the more mountainous areas, but this sort of work in Pakistan is notoriously difficult to secure without prior experience.


Backpackers who want to travel in Pakistan are naturally worried about the security situation. Thankfully, the majority of areas are perfectly safe. Just avoid the areas of Kashmir and any regions bordering Afghanistan.

The Pakistani people are warm and welcoming, as is consistent with the Islamic faith. Just take the usual precautions and use common sense. You'll have no problems if you do so.

If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, work and travel in Pakistan should be high up on your bucket list.

Do you have what it takes to visit Pakistan?

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