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Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored countries in the world. It's one of the most biologically diverse lands on the planet. There are also around 850 tribes that live in the remote areas of the country.

Work in Papua New Guinea is not for the faint hearted. You must be prepared to lose the comforts of home and immerse yourself in an austere lifestyle.

Our travel guide to Papua New Guinea is aimed at those who are prepared to take on the challenge.

1. Work in Conservation in Papua New Guinea

As we mentioned, Papua New Guinea is the most biologically diverse country on the planet. Much of the country remains unexplored by scientists. It’s estimated that it could take decades for the secrets of the more remote areas of the country to be uncovered.

So whether you want to work on land or at sea you'll have the chance to help scientists with their discoveries.

You'll also be playing your part in protecting the biodiversity of this country.

Most projects require some experience and evidence of formal qualifications. This is because these are highly specialised roles. But some smaller projects may have space for you to assist.

It's a chance to explore an environment like no other!

2. Bring Education to the Villages of Papua New Guinea

It's not uncommon for children to have to travel for hours just to attend school. In the most remote areas, you'll find that many children don't go to school at all.

Efforts have been made to open up community centres in these villages.

Volunteer teachers will provide primary education to children so they have easy access to education where they live.

You don't need to have qualifications to teach in these villages. And if you have only a strong work ethic you'll find it easy to get work in building or decorating these new school houses.

With so little development in this area, you'll be making a massive difference.

3. Help Businesses Digitise in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has a low level of human development. Many businesses have yet to make it online yet, or even incorporate digital technology into their businesses.

Anyone who knows how to work with computers will be able to take up these volunteering opportunities in Papua New Guinea.

This work in Papua New Guinea usually takes place in urbanised areas, such as Port Moresby. You'll work directly with entrepreneurs and show them how they can incorporate digital technology into their businesses.

There's no better way of connecting with locals and seeing the difference you're making directly.


Papua New Guinea offers a visa-on-arrival/e-visa service for 70 countries around the world. For more info click here.

North Americans, UK citizens, citizens of the European Union (EU), Japan, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand can utilise this service. For more info click here.

There are no countries whose citizens are entitled to work and travel in Papua New Guinea without a visa.

Citizens of South Africa, Russia, and China must attend an embassy of Papua New Guinea to obtain a visa.

Take note that it can be difficult to find one of these embassies, in which case you should do your research as you may be able to visit a neighbouring country.



The spring season is traditionally the beginning of the dry season. Take note that the dry season is merely relative. Travel in Papua New Guinea is always hot and sweaty.

In spring we recommend picking up conservation work. It's just after the main rainy season and there's a lot to do in this area, both on the coastlines and in the jungles that make up much of the country.

This work in Papua New Guinea is available throughout the year, but you'll find that volunteers are in higher demand in spring.


The summer is much the same as spring, only the temperatures are hotter. We recommend going out into the rural villages.

The damage from flooding is usually cleared by this point and you'll get the chance to go into the more remote areas of the country.

There are so many volunteering opportunities in Papua New Guinea you can pick up in these areas.

These include: community development, providing primary education, raising awareness of health issues, and construction work.

There's no better way to integrate yourself within tribal culture.


The autumn season is similar to the other seasons so far. So you should refer back to the previous sections for more information.

We also recommend that you watch the weather as the rainy season can sometimes start at the end of autumn, rather than winter. You don't want to find yourself stuck if you're travelling in more remote areas.


The winter is the rainy season and it can be difficult to get around the country.

For this reason, we advise that you look at projects in urban centres like Port Moresby. There's still educational work to do here, as well as raising awareness of health issues.

You can also help people with technology. Working with businesses during the rainy season to help get their companies online is a great way to spend these difficult months.


Papua New Guinea is practically untouched by tourists. For this reason, you won't need to deal with touts or scammers. The majority of people are friendly towards outsiders and welcome them into their tribes.

Those stories of cannibalistic tribes do have a grain of truth, but these tribes are practically uncontacted and have nothing to do with outsiders, so you don't need to worry if you go out into the remote areas.

Do remember that the people of Papua New Guinea are extremely poor. Be mindful of this if you should decide to pick up paid volunteering work.

If you're tough enough for a country like this, work and travel in Papua New Guinea this year!

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