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Food establishments are everywhere and in constant need for service crew,food servers or cleaners. Occasionally Malls hire temporary saleslady/salesman during holiday sale or clearance sale. People seeking for job with high pay and great benefits may opt to apply on any BPO.



There are only two seasons in the Philippines, dry and wet season (summer and rainy season). Manila is the central district for businesses. Most of the jobs are in BPO, banks,Malls, Food Establishments, Hotels, Health Clinics, Spa, Etc while agriculture,fishing,poultry are some of the common source of living in the province.


End of school year typically occured in Summer time, this is a good time for foreigners to do sports clinics for children/teens teach basketball,taekwondo,tennis or do swimming lesson etc. People flock in the beach too, a surfing coach or volunteer/paid lifeguard might come in handy. You can opt to be a travel blogger, with Philippines' pristine beach and mountain, majestic sunrise and sunset,great food and great people and a lot more to discover you'll never run out of words to say about the country.


What kinds of work are there in Manila in autumn? Maybe it's harvest time, but do people need the help of foreigners for either cheap labour or expertise? This is the kind of thing we need to know here.


Skiing in Manila - does it exist? Are there plenty of opportunities for people to get work in Manila in the winter? What kind of skills are needed at this time of year? Please update this section and let fellow travellers know what you have learnt if you have worked in Manila in the winter or if you are a Host and live here and can share your knowledge.


Most people say that Filipinos are hospitable. In general, we are hospital to foreigners but here in Manila, it's not as obvious as in the provinces because foreigners are everywhere here. Unfortunately, wherever the place, it's true that the common notion of Filipinos is that "foreigners are rich". That's why if you are a foreigner and you go to the mall or public market, you might be annoyed if many sales agents or vendors would like to sell you anything.

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