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The first option that comes up in my head is an administartor in a hostel. The only thing needed - desire to communicate. Communication in that case has plenty of meanings and it includes cooperation and providing some houshold assistance. The second option is a language teacher. It is rather tough to find an english speaking person in Saint Petersburg even in the city center and amongst young people. However, lots of them want to study english or at least practice it so it is obviously one of the best and easiest way to earn some money and find some friends. It also concerns other languages. The third option is probably not that easy to get but still posssible and it is a waiter/waitress. Shortly I would say that somehohow Russian mentalaty includes being genuinely interested in foreign people, food and so on. That definetely means that hey will be intersted and even glad to see you as an assistent in a restaraunt or a cafe



Hm hm it is a difficult question. Maybe it is possible to take part in some festivals and events carried out in May. It is possible to work as a volunteer for the Restaraunt Day and Museum Night. It is rather active and groovy job here in SaintP


Summer is the best time to find any job in Petersburg. Hotels, hostels, cafe and restaraunts - these place are probably worth a shot.


Saint Petersburg is a tourist place, there are should be some offers from hostels.


Winter is rather cold, so much less tourists comes here at winter. Should be less job in hostels.


Saint Petersburg is very modern and European style city. There is a lot of tourist, locals are very tolerant to different subcultures. In historical center you can see spreading leaflets Africans who speak Russian excellent. Atmosphere of city is calm.

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