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San Marino is one of the smallest nations in the world in the heart of Italy. With no airport of its own and close to the idyllic Italian coastal town of Rimini, few backpackers take the time to travel in San Marino.

Most people only know of San Marino because of its terrible football team. But there’s far more to it than that. This beautiful, colourful country has a wonderful culture and an intriguing history. Discover more of it by taking up some of the volunteering opportunities in San Marino.

Our travel guide to San Marino is going to introduce you to some of the options available to you here.

1. Teach English in San Marino

One of the most common types of work in San Marino is English teaching. Work and travel in San Marino, and the surrounding Italian countryside, by plying your trade as an English teacher.

Where you work really depends on your skills and experiences. Native English speakers without any real qualifications will typically have to stick to small, one-off camps or working as a private tutor for families. Those with experience, however, will have the opportunity to work in schools and teach English on a more formal basis.

A TEFL qualification is more than enough to open up many more options than if you’re just a native English speaker.

2. Work on an Organic Farm in San Marino

For the purposes of this travel guide to work in San Marino we’re also including the surrounding countryside that technically lies in Italy. These two countries are highly integrated and there’s a lot of cultural overlap.

So get out of the main city and considering working on an organic farm at the bottom of the mountain. It’ll give you a different perspective of San Marino and you’ll always be in touching distance of the main city.

Organic farming is becoming more popular and you’ll be able to enjoy learning new skills and integrating yourself into the local culture.

3. Work in a Hostel/Guesthouse in San Marino

Travel in San Marino and you’ll see that the country has a population of 30,000, yet it welcomes two million tourists every year. The summer season is especially popular for visitors.

It’s possible for travellers to find work in San Marino by working in the Serene Republic’s guesthouses and limited number of hostels. The work will typically involve cleaning or reception work. Sometimes there may even be space for tour guiding.

As well as meeting locals, you’ll be able to connect with fellow travellers.


San Marino is not part of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). However, since it’s surrounded entirely Italy and has no border control the true visa policy is that of the Schengen Area.

All European citizens are able to stay here for a maximum of 90 days, unless they come from the Schengen Area. Schengen citizens have no restrictions on length of stay. The 90-day policy will apply to the UK, North Americans, Australians, Kiwis, the Japanese, and South Koreans.

Russians and South Africans must apply for a visa from an EU country’s embassy prior to travelling.

Take note that technically you can only stay for 10 days in San Marino without a permit, but without any border control this rule is practically never enforced and there’s no way for anyone to check how long you’ve stayed there. It’s a symbolic rule more than anything else.



Work and travel in San Marino is green and pleasurable in spring. The most in-demand work is farming. It’s the start of the growing season after the cold winters and many farmers and their families need additional help. Whether it’s within the borders of San Marino or just outside in the Italian countryside, you’ll find plenty of work.

Another option could involve working on a vineyard. Wine is one of this country’s most famous exports. Working on a vineyard can introduce you to the art of winemaking and provide you with a variety of skills you would have otherwise never encountered.


The summer season is the main season for volunteering opportunities in San Marino. You’ll have the opportunity to work in the tourism industry. Working in a guesthouse or a hostel will give you the chance to connect with fellow travellers.

It’s also a chance to join in with summer camps. The children of San Marino are on holiday in summer and many of them attend summer camps. Volunteers are also needed. If you’re good with children, you’ll find it easy to secure this sort of work in San Marino.


The autumn season is the beginning of the school year in San Marino. If you want to volunteer your time in the education system, become an English teacher. You’ll have the option to teach in schools or as a private tutor. Just make sure that you apply a few months in advance.

Schools will expect a more formal application and you may be expected to undergo an interview.

You should also refer back to the ‘Spring’ section because those same options are available in autumn.


The winter season in San Marino can be bitterly cold because of the country’s high elevation. There’s also a lack of tourists.

You may be able to continue with English teaching work, but there are no other seasonal skills available.

We wouldn’t recommend work and travel in San Marino during the winter season.


San Marino has a history of welcoming tourists to the country. As one of the oldest republics in the world, the people of this country are proud and eager to show visitors their rich history.

You’re not going to experience any issues working or volunteering here. Backpackers are relatively common, so you’re never going to seem out of place.

If you want to work and travel in San Marino, book your flights today!

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