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There's a range of work available in Barcelona year-round, mostly for those who have good Spanish, but also for those who don't (if you use a bit of initiative). Lots of international companies are based here for those who like to do office work. For those looking for something different, consider: call centre and sales jobs, teaching English (or your own native language), nannying, bar work, hotel work, cleaning, and anything you can put your mind to really - the city is very international and full of lots of different nationalities. There are a lot of English speakers - in general the younger generation are really eager to practice their English.



What kinds of work are available in the spring time in Barcelona. Remember to keep work that is all year round in the section above and not mention it again here.


It goes without saying that tourist season in Barcelona is when you will find the most work. The city has a huge influx of tourists between June and September, and its streets can get very crowded at times. The good news? For people who want to work in the tourist sector, it's ideal. There are jobs handing out flyers and promotions for bar crawls and nightclubs. Bar jobs are also possible, if you know where to look. And hotels and hostels will also need more staff at these times.
And if you speak English or french you will be hired very quickly!


What kinds of work are there in Barcelona in autumn? Maybe it's harvest time, but do people need the help of foreigners for either cheap labour or expertise? This is the kind of thing we need to know here.


Skiing in Barcelona - does it exist? Are there plenty of opportunities for people to get work in Barcelona in the winter? What kind of skills are needed at this time of year? Please update this section and let fellow travellers know what you have learnt if you have worked in Barcelona in the winter or if you are a Host and live here and can share your knowledge.


People n Barcelona have a modern, welcoming attitude in general. Just be prepared to learn a few basic words of Spanish. Once locals see that you're making an effort, they're usually more than happy to help. People come to Barcelona from all over the world, so the city's natives are very used to foreigners, in general. If you really want to win the hearts of the locals, learn some Catalan. It's bound to open doors!

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