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There are always english teacher needed in Madrid. Right now people love to do activities in English like going to a Yoga class, learn to play the guitar, doing crafts with an native speaker etc. It's very easy, too, for German and Mandarin native speakers to get a job specially minding children. For any kind of unskilled worker it's very hard to find a job as there are so many unemployed people right now.



What kinds of work are available in the spring time in Madrid. Remember to keep work that is all year round in the section above and not mention it again here.


It gets boiling hot in summer in Madrid and everyone who can moves to the coast or the surrounding mountains. There are lots of summer camps though in the city and its surroundings where they need native English speaker.


What kinds of work are there in Madrid in autumn? Maybe it's harvest time, but do people need the help of foreigners for either cheap labour or expertise? This is the kind of thing we need to know here.


Madrid cuenta con tres estupendas estaciones de esquí: Navacerrada, Valdesquí y la Pinilla. Las tres a aproximadamente una hora de la ciudad. Son estaciones relativamente pequeñas si las comparamos con las que podemos encontrar en el norte de España, pero están muy bien para ir a esquiar un fin de semana (si todas las pistas están abiertas). Hay muchos equipos de esquí que suben a esquiar todos los fines de semana de la temporada de esquí (clubes como el Pilar o el Amistad, entre otros) los cuales normalmente requieren de monitores para hacerse cargo de los niños (bien en estos fines de semana o en los viajes más largos que se organizan). Para ser monitor de esquí tienes que hacer un curso no demasiado complicado si tienes experiencia en este deporte, el cual te proporciona el mismo club de esquí. Así que si tienes tiempo, ganas y habilidad ¡No lo dudes! ponte en contacto con ellos; es un trabajo divertido y en el cual pagan muy bien.


Spain's main income comes from the touristic business and this is directly linked to its people's opennes to foreigners from all over the world. Madrid (being the capital) is designed to embrace life with its public squares and spacious café terraces. Nevertheless we can't ignore our history. Spain has been a democracy for only 40 years since Francisco Franco died. Before that, we went through a dictatorship that lasted for 40 years and this is somehow reflected in the cultural features of some of our people (mainly elderly). The remainder of this fascist regime may cause a little scepticism and mistrust from them. Thankfully the young generations have no problem with the free flow of people from one place to another and we welcome whoever wants to enjoy Madrid's beautiful life. We are aware of the growing interdependence between countries and we love the enrichment this means.

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