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My skills

I had few experiences abroad in The Netherlands and in Australia doing various job and tasks between gardening, housekeeping, receptionist, barman, cook, event organizer, ho maintenance and being the handyman .
At the moment managing a B&B and a botanical garden in Italy, called Nova Arbora.

Languages Spoken

Italian (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Spanish (Medium) French (Beginner) Portuguese (Beginner)

Full CV / Resume

I worked in a hos in Scheveningen ( Den Haag, The netherlands) being a receptionist when need it so I can do that too.
In the hos after 3 months I became the bar manager running the orders and making schedule of the other volunteers working behind the bar;On weekends I had to run the BBQ for groups larger then 15ppl preparing different pasta and different dishes apart than the BBQ meat.
The hos could fit 130 people fully booked so I am used to know how to react to many people question, explaining rules ad managing big groups and making sure they respect or don’t make noise at night.
The hos had a kitchen, a bar and with my help the owner set up a terrace in the front serving drink and food so I made a easy bar menu taking care of the food, beverage orders, stock, and making sure there was enough volunteer for the job every week.

In Australia I have been in Great Keppel Island helping out a small business to get back from a cyclone that hit the place 6 years before and ruined the tourism there.
chopping down overgrow trees, building a wooden deck, smashing down rotten houses, reuse the good wood, paint, high pressure cleaning, too many jobs to remeber!awesome place and team!

Carpentry skills:
I have experience in using multiple carpentry tools such as various drill, grinders, different electric saw, different sandpaper machines, welding machine(still a beginner), chainsaw ( cleaning and sharpening too),
flame torch for the insulation of the roof with tar paper, I know how to use a small digger too(a kobelco SK025-2), I have done tiling but not enough to say I can do it properly, siliconing , building small wooden house and I enjoy painting!

Gardening skills:
I grow up in a private Botanical Garden so here is what I can easily do:
Lawn mowing, edging , brush cutting, chain sawing tree, stacking wood, pruning, digging, getting the veggie patch ready, landscaping, bush trimming, sprinkler installation, fertilizing, composting and so
I am pretty good in making fire wood, moving logs, stack them properly, cut them again when ready and chop them.

Hospitality skills:
My parents and I run a B&B since 13 years and at the moment I am Managing the B&B where with my network and languages knowledge I increased the guest flow and with the use of tripadvisor we won the certificate of excellence for 2 years in a row 🙂
Excellent use of the computer and how to helpfully reply to guest, organizing calendars, making up special dedicated offers and deal with other local business such as nearby restaurant and wine tasting direct to wine producer where to send the guest to.

I know how to welcome and let the guest feeling home, explaining the best to do around and how to get the most of their holiday.
Volunteer scouting and managing them (till now I was managing up to 4 volunteer at the same time in my parents Botanical Garden and B&B)

About Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Andrea, I am 24, and I am trying to set a new life for a while.
traveled Australia volunteering in different places and then rode 35000 km with a friend in a 22seat bus, charging people every 1000km from Perth till Melbourne trought the west and east coast camping and cooking all together .I am used to cook for large amount of people with little equipment.
If you are interested I got some crazy stories to l 🙂
I have a passion of working wood, expecially with chanisaw and chisels, I have created 10 unique wooden stool, I will love to share my creativity in your projects!
At my place with different volunteers we have created Land Art in the wood.
I am a happy person, with humor and I understand things straigh away.
If you fell like I can teach you yoga.
I got a passion for kite surfing and I am looking for a place where I can help a family, a hospitality business, or even a kite school which is near by a good spot.
I am Italian mother tongue and I can speak different languages such as English(fluent written and spoken), Spanish(still practicing),Portoguese( understanding but little talking),Dutch (very little), French(Understanding but not much talking)

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available