• Group logo of Boats & Yachts 700

    This is a major category for working travellers – in this section you’ll find all the skills necessary to work on a boat, yacht, crew or cruise ship.

  • Group logo of Hostel Worker 3302

    All skills specific to working in Hostels. Receptionists, Marketing, My-allocator – its all here. Skills that hostels needs like plumbers, web designers etc. you will find in their own skill set sections and not here.

  • Group logo of Business Manager 848

    You have experience being the person who manages the business affairs of an individual, institution, organization, or company.

  • Group logo of Beautician 53

    Beauticians are trained professionals who use their knowledge and specialist skills to provide a range of beauty treatments and therapies.

  • Group logo of Casino Worker 66

    Working in the casino industry.

  • Group logo of Business Developer 615

    You have taken a Business idea and then created a Business plan and strategy to implement that idea.

  • Group logo of Human Resources Manager 765

    A human resources (HR) manager deals with everything to do with the people in a company. This could include recruitment, retention and disciplinary issues. You’ll often govern holiday, sickness, and training and d […]

  • Group logo of Meditation 446


  • Group logo of Computer Programmer 349

    Computer programmers design, develop and test software and ensure software adheres to best practices in performance, reliability and security. Computer programmers can work developing mobile applications, coding […]

  • Group logo of Educational Consultant/School Counsellor 518

    Educational Consultant/School Counsellor

  • Group logo of Web Designer 594

    Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; user interface design; authoring, including […]

  • Group logo of Exam/Private Tutor 434

    Tutoring kids living abroad for taking exams in their native country.

  • Group logo of Lifeguards 32

    Whether it’s swimming or splashing, tourists enjoying pool and aquatic areas either in a pool, river, lake or ocean are kept safe by lifeguard staff. Ready to perform rescue procedures, including administering f […]

  • Group logo of Customer Service Representatives 103

    The Customer Representative works to insure customer satisfaction and the execution of ”Best Practices” within Customer Care. The Care Representative interacts with all customers (Direct Customers, Sales, […]

  • Group logo of Crew – Yachts 171

    Work on Yachts – Crew Hierarchy

    There are a range of different work needs on yachts that have varying reporting and lines of progression. Numbers and positions will change depending on the boat and its r […]

  • Group logo of School Principal/Headmaster/Teacher’s Manager 337

    School Principal/Teacher’s Manager

  • Group logo of Hospitality or Hotel Manager - Cruise Ships 39

    Service and Hospitality Positions are some of the most important jobs in the working model of a cruise ship. Jobs in the service and hospitality arena have been split into four subcategories: housekeeping, hotel […]

  • Group logo of Booking Agent - Cruise Ships 31

    Agents and customer service representatives are an integral part of the cruise line team. Although you won’t find these positions onboard a ship, you will likely speak or work with one if you’re trying to find som […]

  • Group logo of Administrative Assistant - Cruise Ships 83

    Administrative Assistant is responsible for supporting, managing and maintaining all clerical and administrative functions for the housekeeping and Laundry division. You should have specific knowledge of […]

  • Group logo of Bartender - Cruise Ships 53

    Responsible for providing professional and courteous service to passengers in all bars and beverage outlets throughout the cruise ship as well as serving staff and crew members in the crew bar.

  • Group logo of Personal Trainer 22

    The Personal Trainer is certified to lead classes and perform Personal Training sessions. They are fitness professionals with extensive experience in the fitness field.

  • Group logo of Aerobics Instructor 12

    Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness.

  • Group logo of Sales and Marketing Positions - Cruise Ships 57

    This exciting management position delivers advanced developments in cross-marketing and sales strategies in order to optimize on board revenue generation. Potential candidates must have at least three years of […]

  • Group logo of Hosts and Hostesses - Cruise Ships 76

    As the Host or Hostess, you will provide personalized customer service, language assistance and translation to our valued guests, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of their exciting Celebrity experience.