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My skills

On the road since February 2014, from Scandinavia to the Baltics, through Central Europe - until I reached Bucharest and unexpectedly fell in love (with the country!)

Volunteer Experience:
The Village Ho, Breb, Maramures, Romania
Smart Hos, Sibiu, Romania
X Hos & Bar, Bucharest, Romania

Freelance Logistics Analyst, Pro-Log, LLC 2013-Present
Copywriter, King Crown Online Services, Bucharest/Sofia, 2014-2015
Strategist, Google Inc, Ann Arbor, 2011-2013
Associate, Moody's Analytics, New York/London, 2007-2010
Orion Consultants, New York, 2005-2007

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Full CV / Resume

KING CROWN ONLINE SERVICES, Bucharest, Romania / Sofia, Bulgaria 2014-Present
Lead Copywriter.
- Produce all promotional and game marketing text for over thirty casino and bingo sites. Brainstorm, write, and edit tournament titles, catchphrases, and content for daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.
- Maintain high standard of innovation and strive to adapt material given player behavior analysis. Modify direct marketing to increase player interaction and conversions, in particular subject lines and mailer structure.
- Generated new site content for more than ten bingo sites, including game descriptions, FAQs, T&C, spam and privacy policies, and player community use sections.
- Work with business development consultants to produce sites for additional business lines, from articulated company structure to in-depth presentation of business deliverables.

GOOGLE, INC., Ann Arbor, MI 2011-2013
Strategist, Global Advertising Operations
- Helped small- and medium-sized businesses advertise with Google Adwords. Supported customers through reactive and proactive and . Advised on ad performance, technical issues, and policy adherence.
- Won Face of Google award for 100% monthly customer satisfaction three times. Awarded four peer bonuses from dedicated large representatives whose clients required urgent solutions and policy support.
Won 1st place in North America sales competition through aggressive and effective customer consultations.
- Pursued cutting-edge product knowledge of AdWords, Editor, Analytics, YouTube, and master Tools.
- Ads Policy Specialist (2012-2013): Handled incoming customer concerns with AdWords and Google Merchant Center advertising policies and worked with numerous internal teams to improve the efficiency and application of those policies.
- Malware Policy Lead (2013): Increased customer satisfaction and decreased lost revenue through innovation on the handling of malware policy violations encountered by AdWords customers.
Improved customer experience and issue handling time for clients with AdWords malware policy issues. Authored and launched site housing global internal support resources, and provided on-site trainings.
- Case Management Platform Power User (2011-2012): Global Ad Operations Gold Award winner. Partnered with engineering team to design, build, and roll out cross-market internal customer support interface.
- Senior Member Team Lead (2012): Managed all North America AdWords and customer complaints.
Worked directly with more 200 customers per quarter. Raised North America customer satisfaction quarter-over-quarter by developing detailed complaint analytics and improving employee coaching.

MOODY’S ANALYTICS, New York, NY / London, UK 2007-2010
Associate, Risk Management Services
- Basel II Analyst: Advanced team knowledge on bank regulatory issues. Worked on team to design and execute Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process gap analysis for top Portuguese mortgage bank. Co-authored final report for enhancement of the client’s risk management processes and governance structure.
- Validated Credit Scorecard Development: Re-engineered Validated Credit Scorecard offerings, contributing to the group’s largest-ever product launch. Coordinated design, construction, and marketing.
- Templated and integrated Excel-based models into Moody’s risk software to meet client demand. Produced regulatory documentation, trainings, and end-to-end user guides for entire suite of models.
- Distressed Bank Risk Training: Collaborated with senior-level management at the World Bank to create and deliver workshops on debt restructuring of at-risk financial institutions in developed and emerging economies.
- Lead Analyst, Structured Finance Valuation: Contributed to the group’s most profitable engagements of 2009 through the successful pitching of several major banking clients.

ORION CONSULTANTS, New York, NY 2005-2007
Associate Consultant
- Developed innovative dealer counterparty relationship analyses for top bulge bracket bank clients. Based on discussions with hundreds of investors, provided actionable recommendations on areas for dealer performance improvement and revenue opportunities.
- Client Team Lead: Managed on-going relationships with Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase. Re-signed both clients to Orion’s Domestic and European Fixed Income Studies.
- Structured Finance Study Head: Co-lead the structured finance component of Orion's US Fixed Income Study.

Yale University, New Haven, CT cum laude, 2005
Distinction in the Anthropology Major GPA

Mac & PC. MS Office. Google AdWords & Analytics.
Proficient French

About Me

I'm an extroverted nerd, a former elite athlete who has succumbed to the travel bug (and all that travel ). I traded business casual for backpacking and haven't looked back - except when I hunker down a few hours a week to roll through some freelance Excel or PowerPoint (gotta stay fresh!). I'm currently a digital nomad based primarily in Romania (perhaps that minimizes the nomad cred) - but as an American I'm still reveling in feeling a world away. I can tend bar, delight customers, help with bookings, and update your marketing. I love good beer, banter, and devouring books in my free time.

Where I am available for work and when

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