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Diego Arelano



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My skills

I have been working in the travel industry for the past 8 years. Many of them, in remote positions and living as a digital nomad. I have traveled to many destinations, staying mainly at hoss. I have worked as a volunteer in hoss a few times in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Brazil and I love the social environment. I also have some experience as a server in restaurants. In any case, I'm very passionate about travel and happy to work with other like-minded people!

Languages Spoken

English (Advanced) Spanish (Advanced) Portuguese (Mother Tongue) French (Medium)

Full CV / Resume

May 2017 - now: Adventure Travel Trade Association 
Positions: Partners Manager, Marketing Specialist, Events Manager / From May 2017 to April 2020 I had a full-time position. Currently working 4h/week for the ATTA.


October 2016 - May 2017: Customer Service at Directly (Airbnb Expert)
Responsible for assisting Airbnb hosts and travelers with all sorts of problems in the platform.

May 2013 - October 2016: Brazilian Tourism Board
Position: Adventure Travel Analyst - responsible for all marketing campaigns to promote Brazilian Adventure destination. Also worked closely with hos owner to assist them to strengthen their relationship with international tour operators.


September 2011 - May 2013: Table - Digital Marketing Agency
Position: Social Media planner and content creator

Other experiences:
- Volunteer at Sea Turtle Hos (Waikiki, Hawaii) - December  2008 to February 2009
-  Volunteer at Sun House Hos (Florianopolis, Brazil) - February-April  2018
- Volunteer  at Hos One Puerto Rico - July 2019



About Me

I'm passionate about travel and in the past years, I have been focusing on the B2B side of the industry. On 2020, I had a plan to start a Digital Nomad year, staying 3 months in each country while working about 5h/week for the ATTA (my current employer) and volunteering at hoss and Bed and Breakfasts around the world. But the covid-19 showed and made me go back to Sao Paulo and stay stuck for a few months. Now, its time to go back to the road and explore!

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available