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Management Consultant

Chartered Economist

Cybersecurity professional


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Michael Mitchell McLivingstone



AT 190 Achimota Market Accra Ghana| 233244688889/+233200090093 -


I have a diverse background encompassing Economics, Governance, Law, Management Information Systems (MIS), Cybersecurity, Forensic ing, and Corporate Leadership. With a deep understanding of economic principles and market dynamics, I excel in making informed decisions that drive organizational growth. My knowledge in Governance and Law ensures compliance and ethical practices, while my expertise in MIS enables me to manage information systems effectively for strategic decision-making. Additionally, I am adept at cybersecurity, protecting organizations from threats, and detecting financial irregularities through forensic ing. My leadership skills empower me to lead teams, foster innovation, and achieve organizational excellence


·     Excellent team player.

·     Good communication skills.

·     Ability to work under little or no supervision.

·     Strong Interpersonal Skills

·     Leadership skills.

·     Work under pressure

·     Honest and attention to detail

·     Strong presentation skills.

·     MS Office Suite knowledge

·     Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking


- Cika Cika Investment  Empire LTD                                                                                                           April 2015 to Current

Managing Director

·     Oversee budgetary and financial activities and implemented strategies to grow business and profits.

·     Built high-energy, forward-thinking team to modernize legacy operations and keep organization agile in changing conditions.

·     Analyze and determine courses of action to align operations and revenue performance with organizational goals.

·     Cultivate strong industry relationships with competitors and suppliers to promote cooperative interactions and improve industry insights.

·     Review daily financial reports and reconciled s to keep information current and accurate.

·     Establish and oversaw strategic business actions and streamlined operations.

·     Assess company operations with various teams to develop strategies for improvement and expansion into new markets.

·     Assign tasks to associates to fit skill levels and maximize team performance.

- Aero Surveys Limited                                                                                                                               August 2011 to July 2014

Management Information System Officer


·         Enterprise System Maintenance: Maintain and update the organization's management information systems to ensure they are functioning efficiently and meeting the organization's needs.

·         Database Management: Manage databases and ensure data accuracy, security, and availability. This includes data entry, data cleansing, data backup, and recovery procedures.

·         Software Implementation: Implement new software applications and upgrades, including planning, testing, training users, and providing ongoing support.

·         Technical Support: Provide technical support to end-users, troubleshoot system issues, and resolve user problems related to software, hardware, and network connectivity.

·         Security Management: Implement and maintain security protocols to protect the organization's data and systems from cyber threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

·         Reporting and Analysis: Generate reports and analyze data to provide insights that support decision-making processes within the organization. This  involve creating dashboards, charts, and graphs to visualize data trends and performance metrics.

·         Project Management: Manage projects related to MIS, including planning, budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating with stakeholders to ensure successful implementation and delivery.

-Enterprise Life Assurance Company                                                                                              March 2000 to August 2005

Sales Executive

·     Exceeded sales goals and improved profitability by aligning sales strategies and business plans with market trends.

·     Retained clients and obtained referrals by promptly resolving customer complaints, providing value and promoting quality.

·     Implemented processes that drove change and improved performance.

·     Completed performance updates and quarterly business reviews and presented findings.

·     ed current and potential clients to promote products and services.

·     Used cold calling and networking to sell products and services.

·     Cultivated strong professional relationships with industry partners and created focused campaigns to drive business development.

·     ed customer concerns immediay and promptly resolved issues to boost client satisfaction.


       City University, Cambodia                                                                                                                                       2023- Date

       PhD in Cybersecurity Governance

University of Cape Coast                                                                                                                                          2021- 2022

Master of Arts in Democracy Governance Law And Development

 City University, Cambodia                                                                                                                                              2007- 2010

Bachelor of Science in Management Information System

St. Paul Secondary School, Denu                                                                                                                                 1996- 1998

Mandela International School                                                                                                                                      1993- 1995


Professional Training

Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts 2012-2014
(Associate Chartered Financial and Investment Analyst)

Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts 2017-2019
(Chartered Financial and Investment Analyst)

Global Academy of Finance and Management USA 2020-2021
( Chartered Economist)

Chartered Institute of Management Consultants USA 2020-2021
(Chartered Management Consultant)

Ghana Communication Technology University 2020-2021
(Postgraduate Certificate in Management Information System)

Institute of Chartered ants, Ghana 2021- 2022
(Post Chartered Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management)


Institute of Chartered ants, Ghana   2022-2023

(Post Chartered Diploma in Cybersecurity )


Marshal University College 2022

(Executive Graduate Certificate in Strategic Corporate Governance and Leadership)


Chartered Institute of  Tax Law and Forensic ants   2022-2023

(Chartered Tax Law and Forensic ant)


Global Academy of Finance and Management USA       2023-2024

(Certified Chief Information Security Officer)



·     Reading motivation books, watching football, listening to cool music, playing with children and learning new things


English:                                                                                      B2



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·     Reading motivation books, watching football, listening to cool music, playing with children and learning new things

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