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Sabrina Roszelin



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My skills

Organisational skills - I have experience planning timeline schedules for the handing of engineering designs during my year working in the nuclear energy industry

Teaching skills - previous experience as a mentor to fellow students in high school and in college (GCSE equivalent and A-levels)

Hospitality - worked as a waitress, busser, barback, cleaner and crew members in various establishments including a fine dining restaurant


Languages Spoken

English (Mother Tongue) Malay (Mother Tongue)

Full CV / Resume

Agency support | Stint | Nov 2022 – Present

  •        Participate in standby shifts and respond to last minute calls for work, according to business needs.

  •        Adaptable and flexible to work in a variety of environments such as barback, waitressing, front and back of house using strong attention to detail and organizational skills.

Industrial Placement | EDF Energy | Aug 2020 – Aug 2021

  • Yearlong industrial placement in the energy industry comprising of a 6-month rotation between the engineering and supply chain divisions for the construction of the UK’s latest nuclear project, Hinkley Point C (HPC).

  • Engineering – used critical thinking and problem solving to schedule the weekly priority of engineering drawing (EDR) delivery and  also improve an existing EDR delivery tracker by linking its live delivery status.

  • Engineering – confidently lead weekly meetings with the engineers and document control teams to expedite the EDR delivery process.

  • Engineering  – produce concise weekly reports that depict the progress of EDR deliveries while highlighting any pain points faced throughout that week.

  • Supply Chain – liaise with all Tier 1 suppliers across multiple contracts on the topic of CFSI compliance. This included discussions, assessments and even organising workshops for our suppliers.

  • Both - Involved in discussions with stakeholders on several transformational processes such as the wider EDR delivery (engineering) and procurement of new suppliers (supply chain).

Consultancy Internship | Bright Network | Jul 2020

  •           Tasked with a consultancy project where I acted as a consultant to the UK`s top chocolate company and devised a pragmatic and exciting strategy for the introduction of a customer loyalty program.

  •          Utilise skills from a RACI matrix and a change management strategy to produce a creative loyalty scheme that eventually received highly positive feedback.

Barista |SOHO COFFEE Co. (June-July 2022) | coffee bean and tea leaf (July-september 2018)

  •          Become proactive by using own initiative to solve problems in the absence of managers.

  •          Diligently learn and memorise the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the wide variety of drinks and food sold at the café within a relatively short period of time.


Team Member | Greggs Bath | OCT 2019 – APRIL 2020

  •          Manage time efficiently, working 12-14 hours a week whilst maintaining high standards in studies.

  •           Provide support to team members and customers throughout peak periods amidst completing daily tasks.

  •          Maintain a consistently sanitised workspace in compliance with strict health and safety regulations.



  •           Work round the clock as part of a team to oversee that all rooms have been sanitized and well equipped for the arrival of guests. ·

  •           Provide an excellent customer experience to guests by being informative, friendly while attending to any enquiries that may arise.


Crew Member | Mcdonalds bath | March – May 2019

  •           ensure cleanliness standards of establishment are constantly met

  •           operate in a highly demanding and face paced environment

  •           proactively restock depleting resources to maintain smooth transactions

About Me

I am a responsible, outgoing and friendly individual currently completing my masters in Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure (Civil Engineering) at Imperial College London and looking for a work and travel experience for when I finish my course in September.  I am sociable, eager to learn and also have lots of experience working in fast-paced environments. Although I have selected Croatia as my country of choice I am flexible to work anywhere in Europe, Asia or the Americas.


Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available