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Swati Singh



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My skills

Hi, I'm an Indian, looking to work while traveling. I just got graduated as an engineer and need a a headstart in my career. I am also a travel blogger or would want to be one day. I'm willing to work in any field no matter what the job is. And I'm compley available anytime. Other than that I have various skills I mentioned in my profile. Kindly have a look and give me work 

Languages Spoken

Hindi (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Tamil (Medium) Malayalam (Beginner) English (Advanced) Sign Language

Full CV / Resume

  • Qualification- computer science engineer.

  • Year of passing: 2019

  • site designer and developer

  • Social worker

I have worked in various fields throughout my college and school life. I have experience in social events. I volunteered  in an animal shelter in Tamil Nadu. I have never worked while traveling since I didn't know about your site before. I'm so grateful and looking forward to working with the hosts all over India and anywhere else

About Me

Hi, my name is swati Singh. Thanks for taking interest in my profile. All I want to say is, I can work in any field required and I'm available anytime since I just graduated and free for a long time

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available