• Group logo of Forestry 597

    All skills related to forests: planting trees, maintaining and cleaning forests.

  • Group logo of Tourism/Hospitality 9804


  • Group logo of Photography 2243


  • Group logo of Anthropology 108

    Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history. So all skills involved in this area should be in this Skill group.

  • Group logo of IT 2133


  • Group logo of Creative 9621


  • Group logo of Comedy 197


  • Group logo of Party 1043


  • Group logo of Blogging 814

    Writing, maintaining, and networking online interactive articles and media catering to a specific audience.

  • Group logo of Caring 715


  • Group logo of Marketing 1479


  • Group logo of Restaurants / Catering 1133

    Restaurant Concept and design.
    Restaurant build and project manage.
    Menu Design.
    Staff Hiring and contracts.
    Staff training.
    Admin and stock controls.
    Customer interaction.
    Multi store operator.

  • Group logo of Events – Live Festivals 3723

    Events that have an audience and are live. This can be a festival to a car launch or a party for a King on a desert island.

  • Group logo of Volunteering 750

    Help with crowd control and assisting festival goers etc

  • Group logo of Translation / Interpreting 1642

    Translation / Interpreting

  • Group logo of Painting 233

    Murals, Portraits, Landscapes or Still Life

  • Group logo of Crew Ships 621

    All the skills needed on a crew ship.

  • Group logo of Websites 576


  • Group logo of Events Management 1503

    Coordinating and Managing Events/Festivals/Concerts/Exhibitions etc.

  • Group logo of Hostel Management 3038

    All skills specific to working in Hostels. Receptionists, Marketing, My-allocator – its all here. Skills that hostels needs like plumbers, web designers etc. you will find in their own skill set sections and not here.

  • Group logo of Hotel Management 1404

    All skills required for the front of house in a hotel, hostel, restaurant, cafe etc. Any skill that requires you to deal with the guests should be in this group. If it is not, contact WT and let us know what is missing.

  • Group logo of Gardening 1417


  • Group logo of Human Resources 749

    Human Resources

  • Group logo of Plants Watering 445

    Someone who will take care of a house and also the plants in the house or greenhouse. So must have an understanding of taking care of plants.