• Group logo of Events – Live Festivals 3688

    Events that have an audience and are live. This can be a festival to a car launch or a party for a King on a desert island.

  • Group logo of Tourism/Hospitality 9765


  • Group logo of Creative 9565


  • Group logo of Restaurants / Catering 1099

    Restaurant Concept and design.
    Restaurant build and project manage.
    Menu Design.
    Staff Hiring and contracts.
    Staff training.
    Admin and stock controls.
    Customer interaction.
    Multi store operator.

  • Group logo of Crew Ships 603

    All the skills needed on a crew ship.

  • Group logo of Forestry 569

    All skills related to forests: planting trees, maintaining and cleaning forests.

  • Group logo of Bar Tending 996

    Bar tending. Working in the bar area, serving, cleaning and working around the bartenders.

  • Group logo of Volunteering 739

    Help with crowd control and assisting festival goers etc

  • Group logo of Events Management 1502

    Coordinating and Managing Events/Festivals/Concerts/Exhibitions etc.

  • Group logo of Hostel Management 3038

    All skills specific to working in Hostels. Receptionists, Marketing, My-allocator – its all here. Skills that hostels needs like plumbers, web designers etc. you will find in their own skill set sections and not here.

  • Group logo of Marketing 1467


  • Group logo of Blogging 811

    Writing, maintaining, and networking online interactive articles and media catering to a specific audience.

  • Group logo of Photography 2231


  • Group logo of Music 953


  • Group logo of Painting 228

    Murals, Portraits, Landscapes or Still Life

  • Group logo of Human Resources 744

    Human Resources

  • Group logo of Translation / Interpreting 1637

    Translation / Interpreting

  • Group logo of Caring 701


  • Group logo of IT 2122


  • Group logo of Dance 511

    Dance skills – from Ballet to fire eating. Any type of dance that a host may want to hire for an event should be in this group. I want to fully update this section in the next week or so, so any one who can help […]

  • Group logo of Party 1035


  • Group logo of Animal Care 1219

    Looking after the welfare of captive animals

  • Group logo of House Keeping 2076

    Someone who takes care of your house when your away.

  • Group logo of Gardening 1403