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Moldova is on the edge of Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine. Most travellers pass through it in just a few days. They never get to understand Moldovan culture or see the country and what it has to offer. Do different this year and work and travel in Moldova.

We are going to introduce you to the volunteering opportunities in Moldova and show you exactly what you can expect from the country. You’ll learn about the nuances of this country and the sort of work you should try to search for.

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1. Work in a Vineyard in Moldova

A lot of people don’t know that Moldovan wine is considered to be some of the best in the world.

Fewer people know that volunteers who visit the country have the chance to work in a vineyard. Some of these vineyards are hundreds of years old and may be managed by a single family over a small parcel of land.

Volunteer in a vineyard in Moldova and learn about the art of winemaking. You’ll learn all about the wine and get to participate in the next year’s vintage.

The work is hard and requires a strong work ethic, but if you have what it takes this work in Moldova could be for you.

2. Teach English in Moldova

Moldova is a country that’s moving up in the world. Many young people are now learning English for the first time, rather than Russian. A lack of qualified teachers means that so many Moldovans don’t get the chance to speak English fluently.

You can help make a difference by teaching English in Moldova. TEFL qualifications are not needed but recommended.

All you need is to be a fluent English speaker who wants to teach others. There’s no better way to make connections with local people and make a difference as you travel in Moldova.

3. Work in a Care Home for Children in Moldova

Moldova has suffered under tumultuous governments and a failing economy. Unfortunately, in this situation, the poorest are the ones who suffer.

It has led to an increase in orphans and the facilities to care for them. Volunteers are needed to work in Moldova in these care homes.

You’ll be spending most of your time helping children with their homework and playing with them. It’s a simple job that requires only a friendly face and a willingness to help.


Do you want to travel in Moldova? Then you’ll find the visa requirements easy to handle.

The UK, European Union (EU), Russia, North America, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand all have the benefit of their citizens being able to enter the country for 90 days without applying for a visa in advance. In total, there are 102 countries in the world that enjoy this arrangement.

If you have a valid reason, it usually isn’t too much of a hassle to extend your visa and get another 90 days. Many expats even cross into Romania and back without any problems.

The Chinese must normally get a visa to enter the country. However, if they already have a Schengen visa they don’t need to worry about visiting a Moldovan embassy. It acts as a substitute visa and provides the holder with 90 days of time in the country.

South Africans must apply for a Moldovan visa prior to visiting.



Moldova’s spring is a mix of cold and warm. However, there’s no better time of year to work in a Moldovan vineyard. This is one of the main seasons for growing wine and locals will be thankful for the additional help. You’ll get the chance to learn about winemaking and the local culture.

The alternative to working in a vineyard is working on a farm. Again, this is the main growing season, so you’ll be able to indulge in similar work.

You may be helping in the fields or engaging in tasks around the main farmhouse.


The summer season is the main tourist season in Moldova. There are hostels across the country, with the majority centred on the capital of Chisinau.

You can work in a hostel throughout the summer as a volunteer. The work usually involves cleaning the hostel each day, but it could also involve reception work.

Sometimes this type of work in Moldova will offer food along with free accommodation.


Moldova in the autumn continues to be pleasant. There is an abundancy of volunteering opportunities in Moldova in autumn. Again, the season for winemaking and farming arrives, so if you want to combine your volunteering project with a homestay, this is the time to do it.

It’s also the start of the school year. Spend your time teaching English to children. Alternatively, you could provide extra lessons to very young children in orphanages and disabled schools.


The winter in Moldova is cold and the country sees large amounts of snow. The main type of work for travellers involves working in ski resorts.

Qualified ski instructors will find it easy to pick up seasonal work in resorts like Slanic Moldova, Soveja, Piatra-Neamt, and Durau. Travellers with experience in hospitality may be able to find work in the chalets and hotels in the local area.


Moldova is on the edge of Europe, but they’re used to travellers coming through the country on their way to Ukraine or Romania. You should avoid speaking about politics in Moldova, as there’s a lot of controversy regarding it in recent years.

You should also remember that they’re not used to meeting people from Asia or Africa, so there’s the possibility of experiencing racism if you’re from an ethnic minority.

However, most people who travel in Moldova will have the experience of a lifetime as they learn about Slavic country and the unique beauty of the country.

Are you ready to work and travel in Moldova?

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