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Moscow is a bustling metropolis, where you can find any kind of job. From street sweeping to TV-show appearances, which I have ultimately chosen. You sit in the audience enjoying a TV-show and posing for the camera. As simple as that. And... you get paid for it, and can even become a star!
All year opportunities for work for travelers can include tutor positions, you can help people to improve their language skills. Some social organizations like AiESEC and others always have open positions for their social project or internships in Russian companies.
You can post some information about your teaching skills in any facebook group. So lots of people will be able to write you back and have language classes with you. Or you can create your profile in any site with base of tutors - there are o lot of them.
In Moscow you can get a job if you have a medical degree. A lot of foreign specialists may find work in hospitals of Moscow. This work is paid no more than 15,000 rubles, but has a lot of social benefits. Very popular work of teachers, home baby sitters. In Moscow, a lot of English clubs where you can help students, students of schools to learn the language, it paid about 20,000 rubles.
For comfortable living in Moscow you must have smth about 40 000 rubles per month. Be prepare to have your own pocket money. Best opportunity for foreighners to earn money work as a teacher, you can teach students /eldery people in "anti-cafe"- there are a lot of in the center, convinient and quite cheap.



It is starting to get warm, so you can choose any outdoor place and arrange language courses, workshops, music or dancing classes.
For normal working in Moscow you need get 20.000 RUR (above 250 USD) for pay working patent, but most works in Moscow have requirement citizen of Russia for accept. When you get patent, you can try work on supermarkets like "Pyaterochka", "Perekrestok", "Billa", any other. Also, sometimes vacancies on fast food. Anyway, you get hard job, little money (first time no more than 35000 RUR, less than 500 USD). You can rent room, from 15.000 RUR (district on far from centre of city subway station). Be careful, usually in Moscow you have changed work conditions, you want to have nice salary and interesting work, but get hard working with minimal salary like money for children.


Many Moscow citizens often go to their countryhouses during summer time - those are called "dachas". You might be helpful in keeping the conditions for comfortable stay - cutting the grass, cleaning, collecting different fruits and berries. Growing vegetables and fruit is very popular there so you can provide help in taking care after the plants. Summer in Moscow is the time of open-air events, sports and yoga festivals and different kinds of outdoor activities where enthusiasts are very welcome.


Autumn is one of the best periods for job search, because it usually has a lot of vacancies, those are: tutoring, helping harvest in a country house or street cleaning. Some schools in Moscow are searching native different languages (esp English) speakers to work as teachers. The salary is rather nice and conditions are good, you are provided with accomondation. Moreover, working as a tutor and prepare people for various language exams you definitely will be paid much. Native foreign languages speakers are highly appreciated amoung people who want to learn your language


Hey, there is a lot of snow in Moscow, you know :)
You can clear snow. Or you can teach skating and snowboarding.

You can help to decorate facades and interiors of cafes and bars for the Christmas and New Year holidays. You can work as a private teacher for students who are usually doing their exams in winter and need maximum result in a short time.(Teaching languages).

In winter there is a lot of work for Christmas sales.


There a lot of foreigners working in dance clubs, language schools/camps and charity organisations -and they are extremely welcome. The matter is-to make good connections and learn a bit of Russian. If you're good at what you're doing there won't be a problem in looking for a job.
If you are a foreigner you might find it helpful to look up for another foreigner, a lot of them work in night clubs and bars, they will certainly help you with a job.
The attitude to foreigners in Russia varies depending on your country of origin. Thus, people from Asia are traditionally considered as low-qualified workforce, and it is quite hard to fight this prejudice. So even if you're a highly qualified specialist, be prepared to face slightly condescending attitude at the beginning.
Russians like pretty much foreigners so don't hesitate to get involves in Russian volunteer programs.

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