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London is a fast paced city in every way possible. If you are looking to constantly be kept on your toes i would recommend a bar or club job. in such an amazing city it never gets boring and you will meet entirely different people everyday. From sophisticated cocktail bars to classic and iconic pubs there is something to suit every type of person and every type of worker.

Event staffing is another good way to find work in London. Signing up with several agencies with give you access to more shifts, and as the work is normally flexible you can choose the number, timing, and types of shifts that suit you. It's up to you whether you want to work just one evening a week, or work full time. You can also take as much time off as you like - however the holiday is work hard, save your money, take off on an adventure round Europe, then come back to London and start saving for your next trip!



London is a brilliant place to work, always something going on, your best bet for work in London is bar work. If you have second languages this is always a plus and looking into roles within the tourism industry will be a good avenue to explore. Get online and searching for work. Both part time and full time.


London has tourism all year round, the best industry to apply to is just that. Your real issue is going to be finding affordable accommodation as it is in short supply for Everyone in London at present.


Autumn and winter are the quite seasons for tourism so if yiu want to apply for work around this time you should explore other areas of work other than the tourism industry. Such as cleaning, gardening and reastraunt and bar work.


London gets cold in the winter so bring a jacket. Work is not as easy to find in the winter as it is in the summer. Your best chances of finding work are online, they will specify weather they are able to take on foreign workers as well.


London is a multicultural haven. You shouldn't be discriminated against the only issue you may come across is employers wanting UK citizens as opposed to foreign workers.

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