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In Scotland there are hospitality jobs available all year round. This includes working behind a bar, as a server, kitchen porter and many many more rolls.

Scotland are always hiring staff for call centres - if you speak strong English this could be a job for you. Dealing with the Scottish public on a daily basis and helping find solutions to their problems.

In Scotland there are positions available to be a charity fundraiser all year round. This could involve standing on high streets talking to passer bys and alerting them of the charity and asking for donations to going round the doors go houses speaking to home owners. This role is actually really well paid and can also be voluntary if you're not in it for the cash. Most of the charity fundraising is done outdoors too - so you'll get to enjoy the Scottish weather!

There are jobs all year round for people to tutor younger children or adults. Many people look to hire a tutor to help their studies. Some folk hire a tutor as an all round tutor asking for help in many subjects while others ask for a specific tutor. Here you could use your skills in math english, french, spanish, science and so on to further another individuals knowledge.



Working in camps with kids is available through the Spring months in Scotland. There are many types of camps in Scotland - varying from sports camp, educational camps, special needs camps and so on. Roles here include sports coaches, mentors, kitchen staff, office staff, and many more positions.

Scotland is also host to many festivals in the spring months. At these festivals you may find yourself behind a bar, stewarding people and enjoying the festival atmosphere at the same time.


Thought the Scottish summer there are plenty of festivals running throughout the months of summer. At these festivals you can pick up work in bars, security, stewarding and many more positions. These festivals are pretty fun and while you are working, you do get to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the festival. Also the Scottish people at the festival are super fun and friendly.

Coaching jobs to coach children are readily available throughout the school holidays. These camps are fun to work/volunteer at if you enjoy a fast paces, energetic atmosphere.

In Scotland there are many campsites which take on summer workers. Here you could find yourself doing anything from receptionist to entertainment, this would depend purely on your skill set.

Work is also available in summer in farming. There are countless farms which take on more workers through summer to pick fruit and veg. Here you may find yourself picking anything from potatoes to strawberries.

In addition the hotels and bars around Scotland take on workers throughout the summer months to deal with their increase in holiday goers. Hotels love people who can speak multiple languages, as this provides better customer service.


Scotland has a variety of work available through Autumn. The main focus however would be in Edinburgh in August and September through the fridge festival. Here employers are looking for people with a variety of skills. You could find yourself working behind a bar serving both locals and tourists, performing in one of the shows. If you have skills they're desperate for people to perform to the people. Restaurants look for staff at this time also to meet the demand of people coming to Edinburgh for the fridge.


Throughout the Winter in Scotland many skiing sites look to take on staff. These staff could be doing anything from teaching on the slopes, working in the cafe or even behind the scenes.

Retail work is readily available in the Winter months due to the increase in shoppers buying for Christmas. Employers usually start recruiting in September for these roles.

Delivery companies also hire staff over the Winter period as they're busy throughout the festive period.

There are jobs available at markets throughout the festive period also. Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular have big Christmas markets and need people to fill the stalls, work in the bars and advertise in the street.


The Scottish people are generally very friendly - theres a reason they're called the friendliest people in Britain. The Scottish public open their arms open to foreign workers, most people love them. The Scots love the diversity that foreign workers bring to Scotland and love to learn about their travels and why it has brought them to Scotland.

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