How to help out in Nepal

Working Traveller has 20 or so hosts in Nepal. They will all need help and they will all know 100’s of people that need even more help. If you able to go there and have the skills they need now, medical, building, communications, disaster zone experience then please contact them and see where you can be of help to them. Take money, spare mobile phones, antibiotics and what ever they tell you they need with you. Maybe ask your friends to contribute you, not a charity, to donate some money to you, so you can spend it and get it directly the the people who need the help right now. Go to Work Search and select Nepal and you will see all the hosts contact details there.
  1. Coen 7 years ago

    Carpenter ready and willing .

    What’s the sitch over there?
    To go or not to go?

  2. Author
    Duncan 7 years ago

    We had a reply from one of our hosts I have pasted it below.

    Namaste from Nepal,

    Please forgive the blanket email–so many of you have written with concern and support, with offers of fundraising and help, with questions and with love. I wish I could reply to each of you but I am overwhelmed both by the experience here and the volume of email. I’m not able to track who is on Facebook and has received some of the updates, so I wanted to reach out to everyone by email once with all the relevant info.

    I am safe and well, having arrived back in Kathmandu 2 days ago from the mountains with my trekking group–a team of 20 Westerners and 28 Nepalis. We were in Namche Bazaar at 11, 300 feet when the earthquake hit, and then waited patiently and moved carefully, allowing the aftershocks to subside before being on the trail and allowing the airport chaos in both Lukla and Kathmandu to subside before flying. The past 10 days have been filled with an array of logistics, emotions, and ongoing aftershocks.

    The group departed yesterday, and I plan to remain a few days to coordinate some relief efforts and to start planning for the future. If you would like to support reconstruction in Nepal, we have 2 funds. –our regular tax-deductible non-profit, which will now work to rebuild Nepal as well as continue our ongoing programs –established to provide support to Mountain Madness staff who lost their homes and not tax deductible

    And let me just say WOW!! I have been astounded and deeply touched by the outpouring of support for relief and rebuilding here. I feel both humbled and proud to have such an amazing community in this life. Sadly, rebuilding Nepal will be a process that takes years. So here is my request to you:

    Please consider setting up a small recurring donation to Changing Lives Nepal of $5, $10, $20, or $50 per month.

    You can do that by simply donating through paypal and checking the box to “make this a recurring donation”. We have raised incredible money through small donations, and although I generally steer clear of appealing broadly for funds, this is such a devastating time for Nepal that I am asking for your continuing support.

    I’ve also written up an account of the earthquake in Namche if you’re curious and you can find continuing updates about Nepal on Facebook.

    Changing Lives Nepal will be needing volunteers in the future, both in the U.S. to help with administrative activities and potentially in Nepal as part of a rebuilding trip in 4-8 months. Because we do not use your donations for administration and expenses, we are also in need of funding for a reconnaissance trip for the Rebuilding Program. Please contact me if you are interested to help or volunteer with any of this.

    SO MUCH GRATITUDE to everyone who has written with love and concern, for me and for the people of Nepal. My heart goes out to everyone suffering from this earthquake, and I wish them strength and safety, peace and solace.

    Slowly recovering in heart and soul…

    Deana Zabaldo | 415.601.2221

    In depth in the Himalayas…

  3. Laura O'Neill 7 years ago

    Nurse here can be in Kathmandu with own food and antibiotics on Friday, need somewhere as a base, Duncan, Fergus contact me. Or anyone who can help

  4. Aidas 7 years ago

    Hi Duncan,

    I am ready to go and help. I have carpenters, Plumbers and electronics skills and have 15 years of managerial experience (able to organise other people to meet goals). Built few houses from straw bale, helped building yurt, familiar with eartship building techniques, know how to built rocket mass heaters. Healthy and fit. If you will get any info – please share with me.

  5. Fergus 7 years ago

    Hi Duncan can you please contact me if you get any more info
    I don’t have any special skill but I was in the Nz army during the Chrustchurch earth quakes
    And got a lot of disaster relief exp so would love to help anyway I can.

  6. Author
    Duncan 7 years ago

    I have contacted all of them and asked what they need and will post here if I get any replies.

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