What are your plans for the summer?

What are your work and travel plans for the summer?

A quick look at some of the work postings that have come in today. Dave from Smiles media photo service in Crete needs a photographer assistant this summer taking pictures of tourists partying and having a good time.
Pub Crawl Warsaw are new start up in Warsaw ( no…really?) and are looking for, get this – a Party Boss.
If being a party animal or a photographer is not your thing and your more interested in making a difference to peoples lives and giving something back, have a look at the profile below we have in Nepal. They where asking for help before the earthquakes, so may well need help even more now. I have tried to contact them and had no response, but its worth trying if your thinking of going there.
We have nearly 2,000 work postings on the site now requiring all different kinds of skills. Go to the ‘Work Search’ section and use the search filters to find the work (or volunteering) that best suits your skills in the countries your planning to visit this summer. Stop making excuses, there are some amazing opportunities in Working Traveller that need your skills. You just have to, as Nike says… “Just do it” 🙂

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