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Do you have hostel reception experience? Obviously if you have worked in a hostel and have some good references, this is the best chance for getting one of the Working Traveller hosts to accept you for their summer needs. But you might have receptionist experience working in a non travel company, or you might have been staying in hostels on your travels for years and know exactly what is required and how to deal with guests who are just like you. Many hostels are about to enter their peak season and need extra helpers to work the night shifts or double up with their existing team at the busy times. They do not want to hear from people who say ” I really want to experience your part of the world and relax and enjoy my holiday”. They are busy people and they want travellers who want to come and work with them, because of the work, not the beach. Sure you can go there and sunbath on your days off, but THEY are not interested in that. Make sure your profile is 100% up to date and have all your reception or people skill experiences listed in your full cv section so they can instantly see if your right for the work or not. If your too lazy to fill in your profile, they will see you will probably to too lazy to deal with the awkward customer at 3.00am and will not ask you to join their team. Make the effort, spend some time getting your profile and CV looking as good as you can and send them simple and clear messages asking them about the work they need help with and not how far the beach is 😉 If you are keen to get some good hostel receptionist references on your profile and you really want to get on and make this your career, short or long term, tell them this and they will see that your dedicated and will probably be of real help to them. What ever your do, do your best and I am sure if your make the effort you will be able to get some work booked up this summer in some really interesting places where you will have a great time and get some great references on your profile for the ‘real’ job later on in life 🙂    
  1. Софья 7 years ago

    And what if I have no references, no way?

    • Author
      Duncan 7 years ago

      If you have no references, you will probably have to work as a volunteer at first, Once you build up a few good references, you can then show the next host your reliable and good at what you do and ask to be paid a small amount for the work you will do for them.

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