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Udo Granops



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My skills

Entrepreneur by experience, teacher by education, coach by training, yogi by choice. Open and aiming for new experiences. I want to help with my talents & expertise while traveling.

Teacher: mathematics, business, economics (high school & college), TEFL L5

Coach: conscious life, meditation, vegan living, entrepreneurship, sales

Cook: vegan, fermenting

Horses: horsemanship, horse trekking, horse whisperer

Farming: permaculture, composting, vermiculture

Internet: sites, content, social media

Languages Spoken

German (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced) Polish (Advanced) Russian (Beginner)

Full CV / Resume

I enjoy everything I do. Why should I do it differently!

In case you are looking for a hard worker or a work ethic mindset I am surely not what you are looking for. It doesn't matter what you do, the perspective/mindset makes the difference for your experience and the experience you project. Living a heart centered life you include all being into your way and your way becomes the flow.

Since 2017 Permaculture and Indoor Farming, Vermiculture & Composting

I set up a 1/4 acre food forest for sustainable, self-sufficient living. I also have a plant nursery and indoor farm where I am growing fresh produce around the year and small plants until I can put them in the field. I am hot composting outdoors and have a vermiculture setup indoors. This way I am building up soil the most natural way. From time to time worms and "worm-tea" are transfered into the field to further improve bio-diversity in the macrobiom soil.

2016 - 2018 High School & College Teacher (Mathematics, Business & Economics)

I worked with classes from 12 to 18 I am teaching the most natural way, you ca only learn by experience, because experience builds up imagination, without imagination there is no understanding, without tossing coins, pulling straws etc. you will never understand choice and probability.

2006 - 2015 Management Consultancy (Finance, Sales, Business)

  • Strategy and business – planning and development

  • Market research, business and sales development, team management, sales performance analytics, sales training

  • Funding advisory and fund raising for corporations and start-ups

  • Corporate Finance advisory


  • SEO & SMM: Content production, on-site and off-site SEO for different sites and customers as well as social media management

  • Customized sales training for merchants of a German producer (development, materials, execution)

  • German dealer: Sales optimization (analytics, planning)

  • Slovenian software company (leading a team of 5, market research UK/DE, business development UK/DE, pre sales tests UK/DE, product shaping advisory, lead generation, market entry DE; achievements: raising viable interest from major exchange listed German enterprises)

  • Internet Portal (leading a team of 3, product shaping advisory, business development advisory, lead generation, online and marketing; achievements: raising viable interest from major European enterprises)

  • Optoelectronics and CNC (leading a team of 3, development expertise report regarding international market, business and sales development for an international co-operation approach and fund raising)

  • Coaching of different young entrepreneurs in lead management, sales and marketing

  • Development and evaluation of business cases and business plannings for startups aiming for subsidy and venture capital

  • 3d-Lenticular technology (Development of business planning for fund raising; achievement: raising valid interest from business angels)

  • MidMarket Merger LED 20 Mio. (leading a team of 3; market research and lead generation for viable s; promotion and sales with 200 national and internatinal investors; moderation of first s; achievements: raising valid and viable interest with 5 investors)

  • 3d camera technology (business planning for fund raising)

  • Open Source software company (management consulting, co-leadership for 1 year (staff:15), business development, market development, product shaping, business planning for fund raising, fund raising; achievements: marketability of products, viable interest from investors)

  • App-Portal (development business case and funding structure)

  • Mobile technology (business planning for fund raising, fund raising; achievements: viable interest from different investors)

  • Solar company (leading a team of 4, market research and forecast, development of market expertise, market and business development concept for successful new business setup)

  • Ho (planning of business and funding, preperation of documentation, fund raising; achievement structured funding approval)

  • Call Center (planning of business and funding, preperation of documentation, fund raising; achievement: loan approval)

  • Analytics and advisory of real estate investors with loan portfolio management and financial risk management

  • Nursing home: Planning of finance structure

  • Loan portfolio management advisory for nursing home operators

2000 – 2005 Banking (Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, ALM)

1998 – 1999 Business Consultancy

1997 – 1999 Facility Management

1993 – 1996 Fitness Clothing B2B

1990 - 2000 University Education (Business, Financial Engineering, Psychology, Economics)

Graduated with German Diploma

About Me

Meditation, physical activities, living with nature and a vegan life style sums it up - my daily life at least.

Permaculture is a mindset that is all including socially as well as naturally.

I became a better teacher through learning to talk with horses their language.

Visibly I have a vegan life style. More important, I am leading a life that is free of suffering and aimed to induce no suffering. My life is full of wonders and bliss.

A calling as a healer (energy & reiki). I can help with pain.


Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available