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Laurin Hoehne



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My skills

I grew up on a farm with some animals. My dad is a carpenter and thought me some skills. I am a car mechanic. Later I went to the United States for 1 1/2 years to advance my English. During that time I was working as an Au pair, took care of children and helped with house, garden and organizing stuff.

Languages Spoken

German (Mother Tongue) English (Advanced)

Full CV / Resume

Unfortunay I don’t have a full CV to just copy and paste

I finished secondary school in June 2013

august 2013 I started the training to become a mechanic and finished in July 2016

After I finished, I worked for a month

on 22th of August 2016 I left Germany to become an Au pair in the USA

during my stay in the USA I took an advanced English class and went to college to take classes in statistics and psychology.

I came back to Germany in January 2018

from February 2018 to April 2018 I worked as a mechanic again

beginning of April 2018 I left Germany ones more to go travel throughout South East Asia.

About Me

Hi there,

My name is Laurin, 21 years young and ready to see the world. I love traveling all though I prefer to not be on the run all the time but to stay at places for longer to get the full experience. I’d say I am an easy person to be around, don’t need much to be happy. I like to have time for myself to read or draw but also enjoy to be with people playing cards, go out or something. I love camping, building stuff, swimming and everything that has to do with water.

Where I am available for work and when

Available for work - Travelling - not available