What are your 2015 work and travel plans?

Its a new year and Christmas dinner at Mums is done and your off around the world 🙂 What are you plans? Have you looked to see where your skills are being used in the world in the Work in’ section? The section is still new, so chances are there won’t be any info yet on where your going. So please do your bit and add what you learn on your travels for the next traveller who will be setting out in 2106; and remember, if you edit 2,000 words in the Work In section you get a free years membership when your references start to show on your profile. We have thousands of work postings all over the world now from hosts and they are all keen to here from you. Please make sure you have your profile fully up to date with 1) The skills you want to use or learn 2) Where you will be in the world over the next year 3) and when. This means hosts will be able to find you when they are searching for the skills you have in the time they need them where ever they are in the world. Good luck with your travellers and building your work references in 2015. Let hope it is a big year for you, and for us here at Working Traveller, as its our first year of being fully up and running. So here’s to 2105, lets do this 🙂    

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