• Group logo of Exam/Private Tutor 440

    Tutoring kids living abroad for taking exams in their native country.

  • Group logo of Window Cleaning 862

    As it says, cleaning windows, either for a large hotel, company that needs someone full time in the season or for window cleaners who need holiday cover and have 100s of individual clients.

  • Group logo of Youth Counselor - Cruise Ships 29

    Organizes and leads youth activities, ages 3-17 years, in designated activity centers, assigned areas and throughout the vessel. Determines the activities to initiate based on the ages and the needs of the […]

  • Group logo of Hostel Administration and Licensing Expert 45

    If you have been through the process of gaining a licence for a hostel, you have this skill. Most countries have similar requirements for hostels and the same problems to get a hostel legal. If you are a hostel […]

  • Group logo of Customer Service 555

    Assistance provider either by phone, email or in person.

  • Group logo of Office Work 886

    Office Work

  • Group logo of Carer for Small Animals 558

    Someone to take care of a house and small animals like cats, pets in cages etc.

  • Group logo of English Language Teacher 935

    Teaching and/or tutoring in the English language focusing on grammar and vocabulary

  • Group logo of Photography 2604


  • Group logo of Hotel Receptionist 782

    Someone who works on the reception of a hotel and can deal with guests – booking them in and dealing with their enquires.

  • Group logo of Yoga Instructor - General 74

    You have experience or accreditation in yoga studies.

  • Group logo of Tourism Consultant 315

    The main responsibility of a Tour Consultant is to provide travel information and answers enquiries by tourists. They also assist with database management, creating itineraries, handling of bookings and travel […]

  • Group logo of Volunteering 839

    Help with crowd control and assisting festival goers etc

  • Group logo of Dance 594

    Dance skills – from Ballet to fire eating. Any type of dance that a host may want to hire for an event should be in this group. I want to fully update this section in the next week or so, so any one who can help […]

  • Group logo of Writing & Journalism 1746

    Writing & Journalism

  • Group logo of Hotel Housekeeper 312

    Hotel Housekeeper

  • Group logo of Hostel Night Shift Receptionist 486

    If your willing to work nights and have hostel reception experience or looking for a way into the hostel business then this is a good skill to add to your profile.

  • Group logo of Hostel Receptionist 1885

    Hostel Receptionist. Checking in guests and showing them where their dorm is. Helping with enquires and general helps with guests. Plus of course being their personal psychotherapist, their mother, Google maps and […]

  • Group logo of General Worker - Farming 268

    I am used to farming life, and the daily choices of cleaning and feeding livestock to doing whatever is needed around the farm depending on the season.

  • Group logo of Caring 1168


  • Group logo of Movie Extra 1915

    Extras in movies are needed all over the world. Often just being your self is all they need, to sit in the hotel lobby or to be in crowd. Small acting and speaking parts seem to be easer to get when production […]

  • Group logo of Nutrition 265


  • Group logo of Bookkeeper 569

    A bookkeeper’s main role is to process the financial transactions of a business into a software system, and help turn the wheels of the business by paying bills and chasing customers for payment. All businesses w […]

  • Group logo of Accountant 381

    An accountant is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records.