Riviera Nayarit campsite in Mexico is looking for volunteers. Who wants to travel to Mexico this year?

Dreaming about San Francisco? Have you heard about Mexican “peaceful heaven”? San Francisco (or San Pancho) is a village near Pacific Ocean that reflects the authenticity of old Mexico. While walking its quiet cobblestone streets, you can feel that atmosphere of “no rush”. Enjoy the golden beach heaven, wandering in a shadow of palm leaves. And don’t forget to try the famous delicious Mexican food in cozy restaurants, while discovering the town. Sounds exciting? Moreover this place is famous as a laid-back surfing point and popular among tourists from all over the world. Here is a plan, how to visit one of the most authenticable town in Mexico and to get some good references from employers. “Supra Rustico” is something more than just a campsite near Riviera Nayarit. This is a place for living, working, sharing and relaxing. Campsite is located in the centre of the town at the bank of the river. Hosts are friendly and environment-oriented. They are looking for volunteers to help them about the house. The work is not hard and diverse: you can be a hostess, chat with people, help with cooking, building some additional constructions, such as a part of a wall etc, and sometimes you may even try yourself as a photographer, as they host a lot of tourists. They are ready to offer you a space for your tent and to provide you with breakfast and morning coffee. “Supra Rustico” accepts volunteers all-year-round, but more preferable time is between October and April. Hosts speak English, Spanish and Russian as well. What you need to do to get to this Mexican surfing paradise? Just follow the link to see more details and apply: https://www.workingtraveller.com/members/suprarustico/


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