2017: New year – new dawn – new horizons?

You have heard the expression – well? What’s the plan? To see the sun not come up on the underground in London or through the bus window in… where ever you are commuting to these days?

To be a working traveller, is not like being on a Gap Year holiday, that’s… a holiday that people pay lots of money to go on. To be a real working traveller, it takes three things.


You need to do your home work. 35 years ago I made my first trip abroad on the hovercraft to France when I was 17 with my friend Simon, we had “The Hitch Hikers guide to Europe” and that was it. We hitched to Italy and got the Magic bus home, we have £ 40 in cash with us each and… we did it. It was amazing. We managed to do it because I had done my home work. There was no uncle Google then and well my uncle had never been to Europe. I had one book, and it took some researching just to find the book.

Now you have a lot more information at your finger tips, but its still not easy. It’s still not on a plate. To find a small family business than is looking for a volunteer to help them in their busy season – where are they? How do you know if they need someone? This is what Working Traveller is all about. It brings together hosts that need people like you. People who are passionate about what they are doing with their lives and are hungry to learn new skills. Do your home work, make your WT profile 100% and make the effort, contact all the hosts that need your skills in the areas you want to work and travel in. Knowledge is everything.


Having the knowledge is one thing, making a plan is another. You know what hosts are out there now, which ones will let you come and work with them and where that waterfall is that you really want the selfy in front of for you face book cover pic ( its OK to admit this stuff, really it’s OK). So make a plan. A working travelling plan, not a bumming around Asia plan, that’s a different plan, that’s a holiday. Can you afford to take six months off right now and not gain anything from your time away? Are you ready to retire at your age? A strategy to be booked up at the hosts that will help you build your skills and give you the references you need for a job back home… I think…. is a good plan 🙂


As Nike says – Just Do It! But you need to know exactly what that is, but you do know, you collected the knowledge, you have made a plan, now that plan becomes not a dream, but reality. You buy your ticket online  and off you go. And for the next six months you will see more horizons, more sun rises and sunsets – and gain more relevant work experience that you have ever had in your life.

2017 – Do you have what it takes to be a Working Traveller?


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