Want to work on an eco project in Tamil Nadu?

Eco project in Tamil Nadu needs all kinds of skills in Southern India

A new host is looking for all kinds of skills to help them create eco tourism, holistic health and organic agriculture projects in a town called Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. From gardeners, chefs to even a general manger for the whole project. It looks an amazing place and an exciting opportunity for the right people. If you want to learn how to create an eco environment and be a part of of the team – visit their Working Traveller profile and request a work placement today.  
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  1. Charity 8 years ago

    Dear Navin,

    I hope you are well. I was so happy to read about your eco-project. It sounds extremely interesting and right down my path. I’m currently taking courses to be a licensed therapist in holistic nutrition and holistic pain management, as I will be opening a holistic center and wildlife lodge in my home country, Zambia.

    I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland and hope to get the project rolling by spring next year (the construction at least). The property is located in the lower Zambezi (close to the national park).I am very interested in working in Tamil Nadu as it would give me practical experience on how to run and manage an eco-project. I also feel that there are many skills which I can offer to your project. By the end of June I will have obtained my certification as a holistic therapist, and will be able to travel. I really hope that there is an opportunity available to work with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic day!

    Best regards,

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