Volunteer & Teach At A School in India

Work With Underserved Children in Bangalore

Lovedale Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to unleash the potential of under-served children from stone quarries, orphanages, streets, and slums since 2001. They run formal school that provides quality education, nutrition, total healthcare, family care to marginalized children from 8 Village communities in rural Bangalore.

They believe that it is only with high quality English medium education that the under-served children from the slums can break out of the cycle of poverty and be contributing members of society. Our other comprehensive programs are skilled training for youth and women.

To apply for this work, just fill out your brief profile and message the Lovedale Foundation by clicking on their work posting

Once you’ve agreed on when you’ll be coming, initiate a Handshake!

What Kind of Work?

Volunteers need to be creative, enthusiastic and resourceful self-starters. They need volunteers who can help children in their school assignments, homework, as well as with special coaching for mathematics, science and other subjects on a regular basis. Also, those who are skilled in classical music, instrument music and sports (especially swimming) are welcomed.

What you do as a volunteer depends very much on what you would like to achieve. Everyone has a personal reason for volunteering – emotional satisfaction, or to develop new skills.

Be sure to update the CV section of your Working Traveller profile, as they require a CV from volunteer applicants.

How Do I Get This Work?

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Just fill out your brief profile and message The Lovedale Foundation by clicking on their work posting. Once you’ve agreed on when you’ll be coming, initiate a Handshake!

Read the Lovedale Foundation’s Working Traveller profile here.

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