Passion for horses and Turkey?

Working Traveller is not just about helping out at harvest time or cleaning. It’s for travellers with real skills or who want to learn new skills and are starting out with just their passion for the skills they want to learn. Do you love horses? Do you want to learn how to work in a ‘stable’ environment? Did you help out with horses when you where younger and know what is what in a horse yard? If you do, check out this work posting from Chrisine in Turkey that needs some one to help out with horses. Once you have some good references with your chosen skills you will see hosts will be far more willing to have you come and work for them as they can see you know what needs to be done and are passionate about what they do. It all starts with one small step 🙂 What are you waiting for?
  1. Anastasiya 9 years ago

    Hallo, my name is Anastasiya. I’m from Moscow.

    I have seen your vacancy in working traveller and I want help you with horses.
    At first I love horses. I have experience whith horses.
    My parents have two, and we areregularly working with them.
    I have learned in museum of orlovsky trotter And have practiced of training and care of horses.
    And also I have rided horses from 10 years.
    Also I have learned more seminars about soft methods of horses training.

    So I would like help you with horses!

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