Hostel in Saint-Petersburg needs help right now!

Want to work in a fun team in Saint-Petersburg? – they need people right now.

This is what they are saying they need on their work posting. “We are looking for the volunteers, with minimum 20 hours per week schedule. You would be responsible for basic repairs and hostel redecoration. There is also an opportunity to gain some experience in hospitality industry and cultural exchange for your future career.” Check out their profile on Working Traveller here Don’t forget you need to have a profile on Working Traveller to be able to contact this host and all other hosts that are looking for skills on the site. It’s free to sign up so what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to be a Working Traveller? The picture on this blog post is their kitchen. Doesn’t look like it needs fixing up, but maybe they have high standards. Looks like a great place to work  🙂    

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