Organic farming: 6 work opportunities in the USA

There is a saying “you are what you eat“. That thought has inspired one American couple to run the organic farm located just outside of Historic Rogersville TN. Their animals are grown without hormones or antibiotics and they keep them in favourable conditions with no violence.

Pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and, seasonally, turkeys are lucky inhabitants of their farm. Moreover, hosts live with 6 dogs and 6 cats.. so it seems like it’s  quite crowded place, where noone is ever bored.
The hosts used to invite volunteers from all over the world and share with them their food and accommodation. Actually they offer comfortable rooms with enclosed bathrooms. They are ready to provide you with all basic needs, as towels, linens etc. Hosts could also meet you and pick you up according to your previous arrangement.

This place is typical organic farm with its own special atmosphere. It is located in a very rural part of the country with limited internet and no cell service, but they have DVD, so yes – old fashioned and 100% organic life is guaranteed.
If you are interested – take a look at those 6 working opportunities they posted at WorkingTraveller website. They have 2 unheated hoop houses which grow all year round as well as their outside fields which are primarily used in the summer. So they are looking for volunteers to take care of it. They also need some help to look after their livestock. The hosts require a fencing assistance with electric in the woods for pigs and goats and would love to hear from a carpenter as well.
They also are looking for someone to help them with harvest and house holding. And what is not typically farming work – they are looking for someone who could help them with blogging at their website.
If you are travelling across the United States and would love to experience a rural life at the real livestock farm – that’s your chance, don’t miss it.


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