Working Traveller moves Somewhere Different for the winter

Like the birds, we have flown south this winter and arrived yesterday. We were based in Lviv Ukraine last winter but must admit – the minus 25 for months got to us. So this winter we have gone somewhere different – literally

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Somewhere Different is the little boutique hotel I built back in 2005 and where I spent a month trying to find a plumber. When I finally did, he did not know which way up was for the toilet and the ” If only I could get a plumber here that speaks English” idea was born. That was a long time ago – WT and the Siwa Villa have come along way since then.

It’s been closed for six years but now reopened as a Co working space in the Western Desert of Egypt in Siwa Oasis. It’s more like 25 here every day; a cool 50 degrees more than Lviv. The Internet speed is 8mbs… but seems to be fast enough for our needs and is home for the team for the next six months.

So it’s sand boarding and hot springs at the weekends and lost of quite working space to push things forward here at WT in the week. The team is growing and we still need more people to help with all the work that needs to be done. So if you are sitting at home and like us didn’t fancy another cold winter in Europe or Russia even – have a look at the work postings we have open here at WT

You never know, if you can write/blog/SM and have a passion for travel, you too might not see snow this winter. Sound like a plan? Click the link below and apply for the work placement that suits your skills and c u in siwa 🙂

The Somewhere Different Jeep


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