The prefect city for Digital Nomads?

The prefect city for Digital Nomads?

I have been researching the last few days on where to base myself for the winter of 2015/16. I live in a beautiful village up in the mountains of Transylvania. I am busy with my other day job in the summer of running my hotel doing Photography/Walking tours etc and its great, I live the dream. I am starting to set up a Digital Nomads retreat here for workers who want monthly rentals all in with internet etc. Where you can work in the future online and live in a really cool traditional village from the past- thats another post. The winters here are spectacular. I am not really a snowboarder and so don’t use the ski resort up the road when there is snow…. and there is a lot of snow here. I spend 90% of my working time online and sod it – I will do its somewhere warm next winter and visit as many Working Traveller hosts there as I can. On surfing the web on the subject of “ Best Digital Nomad locations” Chang Mia comes up top all the time. I guess thats a snow ball effect, for every Travel Blogger who bases themselves there, they write a review and another ten turn up and so on. Apparently there are over 4,000 Digital Nomads working there at any one time. That is a lot… its sounds too easy. I mean, the whole reason why I got involved helping people to get paid work booked up around the world with Working Traveller is, I am a traveller. I went to Chiang Mai in ’89. It was dirt roads and a bigish town then. It has 1.6m people now… wt??? Then there is even Gran Canaria, not the first place you would think of, they even have a digital nomad face book group. Do I really want to spend my winter with people I worked with in London? Yeah they are great for ideas ( I have enough for this site trust me, you will see that over the next few years) and networking. We work in digital, I can network my head off from anywhere online. I want to go somewhere that lets me work, not be hassled, thats cheap etc and WARM but still blows me away every day that I am there as its so different. I am not moving there, I will be staying as a traveller for a few months. I am leaning towards Goa as we have quite a few hosts in India, it’s warm, it’s cheap and yes – there is a party on the beach any night you want to give the laptop a break. But the word is, the internet speeds are not all that there. I cannot cope with waiting for your email to send and then it times out, or was it sent? Your not sure and have to check – na. So the boats out on where to go. Then I saw this article in the Guardian about Naypyidaw in formally known as Burma, then Myanmar, then it seems to have gone back to Burma.


I thought ‘No way. Free wifi, no one there, no distractions yet Burma to check out at weekends and a whole culture I don’t know anything about’. I know what its like to live in a city, I am a London boy after all. I know what its like to live remote too, my place in the sahara desert does not get any more remote. The nearest off-licences is 617 kms. Seriously I checked on the dash board of my jeep when we ran out once. Sorry, I digress. Yeah I know cities and remote, but an empty city? Cycling to work and being the only person on a highway wide enough to land a Jumbo… WHAT’S THAT LIKE?
It would be great to hear peoples ideas on where is the best place to base your self as a Digital Nomad for the winter of 2015/16. Who knows, I might see you there 🙂
  1. Sally 7 years ago

    Oh I am heading to Chiang mai at the weekend. I will assess the situation! I was in Bangkok for a month and while it had everything I needed, I found the city too big and it took ages to get around it. I am looking for somewhere cold next winter I think. Maybe a ski resort!?

    • Author
      Duncan 7 years ago

      If your looking for someone where to work as a Digital Nomad next winter and want to be near a ski resort, check out my hotel site ” Village Hotel Maramures”. We offer full board, lodgings and of course, really good wifi, all in for 300 euro a month for Digital Nomads.

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