Would you like to learn the alternative building style in the Drakensberg Mountains?

The essence of this volunteer program is the unique style of the woodwork that hosts do and the alternative building style that they practice. Coming to this place as a volunteer give you an opportunity to learn the way they work with wood, and to work on one of our sustainability programs or alternative building project.

Antbear Lodge is a sustainable and responsible tourism business situated in the Drakensberg Mountains. What makes hem different is the accommodation in a luxury cave that they offer. They build using straw bales, cob, rammed earth and sun dried bricks. Here you can find few cows for milk, chickens for eggs and an organic vegetable garden. Hosts bake their own bread and make their own cheese. If you always wanted to try horse trails, you can do it here, here it is ideal for beginners.

They offer accommodation and food in exchange for your contribution of effort. This is not about cheap labor and nor is it about cheap holiday options. The host would like to share their experience with volunteers for longer than 3 weeks at a time. They don’t respect weekends at all and you will find that they often work harder then. They call it “the nature of the tourism industry”. There is a lot for you to explore in that amazing surroundings and popular tourist sites. This includes hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, horse trails, viewing bushman rock art or just chilling out with a great book. Volunteers will be hands on and would need to get their hands dirty.  To get involved please contact our hosts by clicking “Introduce myself” and let them know what you would like to do, what sort of skills you have, when and how long you would like to come for.


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