456 new skills added to WT

Here at Working Traveller we have been busy in lockdown. We have listened to or hosts and travellers needs and even though we have more skill options than any other work and travel platform out there, the feedback is you wanted more.

As our hosts and travellers realise WT is about getting the right skills to the right host, at the right time – more and more users are adding in what they really need instead of thinking they can only get a ” General Helper” ” Cleaner” or ” Someone to collect the apples at harvest time”.  We know some hosts just want a general helper, we now have 17 different options.  We have added in all the different language teaching skills, all needs for permaculture down to the different kinds of solar power experts hosts need to get them set up in locations where this knowledge is either not available or too costly to make it work.

We’ve increased the number of potential skills you can add from 356 to 812 – more than double the previous amount! Have you worked as a barista in a coffee shop before? You can add this specific skill to your profile and a host in Bali looking to open a new hostel cafe will find you easily when they search for this skill. Are you a keen furniture upcycler? Search this skill and you’ll realise every restoration project in Europe desires your talents.

No more vague host postings asking for “help around the house.” We have added many new home help skills. Take the bit of extra time now to add skills from our detailed skills list, and you’ll save you and your host loads of time in the future while finding work. Our drop-down list has made it easy.


Working Traveller is an interactive site, and we value and apply your feedback, so if you have a skill that is not yet listed that you think will be of value to our hosts please contact host support and we’ll add it on.

Now is the time to get your Working Traveller profile fixed up with skills and to start plotting your next work and travel adventure. Don’t wait until everyone else has already made plans. A successful working traveller is a prepared one!


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