How to set up the different sections of your WT profile

Two sections – your profile and your work placements.

There are many hosts all over the world who need travellers and they now all have access to Working Traveller just like you. So, like any form of PR, the hosts that get the best workers are the ones that make the effort by providing all the information the working traveller needs to make their decision on who to contact.

Once you have several good references from travellers, your references will sell you and you will appear in searches where travellers are only looking for hosts with good references. For now, as you are just starting, so it’s all about your profile, what you are offering and the work that you need doing.



  • This is where you describe who you are, what you offer Working Travellers in terms of accommodation, food etc and any house rules etc.
  • See edit your profile for full details on how to set up your profile.
  • Galleries – this is where you keep all your pictures and video of the projects you have done and want doing. To see how you add pictures to your profile have a look at the Gallery help page.
  • Settings – If you want to change your email or notification settings, its all in the settings section, just go to the profile link on the main menu and you will find settings in the drop down menu.
  • Log Out – When you want to log out, just click on this link under the profile link and you can be log out.


Work Placements

  • This section is where you add work postings to your profile that will appear in the seaches that traveller make. It is separte from your profile.  See the work placements page for details.

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