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We are opening our WT offices up to digital nomads who want to work in the same work environment as us. It will let us have other people to hang out with and ” Let’s stop the work talk now” after work when we hang out in the hot springs.

Working Traveller believes in what we are doing. We use the site to find the talent we need to make it all happen. We are currently based in the Western Desert of Egypt where Duncan, the founder of Working Traveller, came up with the idea when building the ho that is now the WT offices. Right now we are looking for travel bloggers, editors and co-working receptionist.What do we do as a host? We make Working Traveller happen, all the behind the scene activities no one thinks about, it all goes on here. We are a team of writers, techies, and William who make everything work around here 🙂
We need digital skills all year round. Based in the desert in the winter and up a mountain in Transylvania in the summer months. We need writers, customer service, techies, SMM experts etc. All the skills you need when running and growing an online digital marketplace.

We have a nice  4-bed desert house where you will live either in your own room or own Beduin tent. You can walk to the dunes without touching tarmac. It’s 5kms out of town, so we all rise at, and the jeep goes into town at and comes back, hmm late, we are busy these days, so get a bicycle. The house is spacious and with its own private pool covered in palm and olive trees for shade.
So will be up to 8 live in co-working places that will need someone to run and make sure they have all they need. It’s two hours a day, is super easy work and more of social opportunity to interact with digital nomads from all over the world. If you want to work more than two hours a day we can always find you some work on WT to do and get your ‘value’ up from one star.


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