How about live and work at fairytale cottage in Ireland?

The perfect description of the host’s place would be: “once upon a time in faraway Ireland there lived Thomas with his children in the old cottage, surrounded by a magic forest”.

Thomas is a musician who gives drumming lessons and sound healing sessions, workshops in the community. He runs an environmental project on the beautiful land of an old farm with stone walls and  fuchsia hedges. They have a holy well and a small organic garden. The magic forest is presented by local, exotic trees and special sculptures as well. This beautiful place is located 7 km to Ballydehobe, it is rather remote and has limited WiFi. Here you can live in a peaceful place with dogs, cats and even a pony.

Thomas is looking for a nice person to help him about the farm. The volunteer will be involved into maintaining the land, making fire wood, gardening, building jobs, general domestic tasks according priority. If possible you may be asked to help with the website and computer projects like sound and video editing. Thomas would love to hear from sociable and self-responsible person, who has sufficient English or German to communicate and have their own health insurance of course.
He has a lot of experience to share. If you a musician or film maker – you will have a lot in common. But these skills are not necessary needed. If you are enthusiastic to live at this beautiful place – don’t hesitate to come.


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