Why make handshakes on WT?

Why is it essential you do your bit and make a handshake when booking up work on WT?

Before TripAdvisor and Airbnb, you needed to stay in a big branded hotel to insure you would get what you expected. Before Ebay you could not risk buying something of some guy in Hong Kong as, well how would you know he is ok? Now, when you look for an internship you go to big charities or large Gap Year companies to insure where you are going will be OK.
This is what we want to change.
Have a read of this article about how David Hyde a 22-year-old New Zealander who signed up for an internship with the UN and ended up living in his own tent.
It’s all about references.
If someone tries to get work, or offers you work without doing a handshake n Working Traveler, they have something to hide. They are worried they will get a bad reference. Any one who is an honest hard working traveller or host WANTS references, not avoids them. Once we have built a base of travellers and hosts with great references it will change the way work and travel takes place around the world and set the standard for how people can check to see if the hosts and travellers are what they say they are. One step at a time – so do your bit and make sure the host or traveller makes a handshake with you to insure you can leave them a reference and they in return can leave you one. Each small step and reference created will lead to more until organisation like the UN cannot hide behind their brand and treat people like they do with out every else knowing.    

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