Sicily holidays & volunteer opportunity for working travellers

Can you recollect the most well-known fact about Sicily except for being the Motherland of mafia? šŸ™‚ It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea by the way. Moreover it is ancient and beautiful, and definitely worth visiting.

Gratteri is aĀ small town with just over 1,000 inhabitants. It can boast areas of historical importance to Sicily. Ā It is surrounded by impressive mountains andĀ beautiful pine andĀ oak forests. TheĀ town enjoys aĀ superb panorama ofĀ the Mediterranean Sea andĀ theĀ mountains ofĀ Le Madonies.
Gratteri represents the authentic character of Italy. Here you may enjoy many ancient stone wall buildings, can wander its narrow streets with stone staircases, observing potted plants, lazy cats resting inĀ the sun andĀ ā€˜signorasā€™ on wooden chairs knitting andĀ talking toĀ passers-by.

Our Gratterian host offers a great opportunity to all working travellers looking for some special and calm place. Ā A family runs two cosy hotelsĀ that would love to accept few volunteers to help them.
They expect volunteers to prepare breakfast in the morning, do some cleaning in the rooms and to help with dinner serving in the evening. Also, they need someone willing to take charge of social media communication.
They offer free staying at their boutique hotel and free food. There is a possibility to live in a small private wooden house or to share another two bedroom house with other volunteers.
This friendly family accepts working travellers all year round.


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