Village volunteer community is looking for working travellers to join their team in Uganda

Village Volunteer Uganda is a nonprofit volunteer project aimed to support village communities in Uganda, to move them towards wellness. They use the power of volunteering to improve the sphere of education, infrastructure, health, sports, art, farming and many others.

All year round they accept volunteers willing to stay at least for one month and work for their community. This community grows from year to year and there is always some work to do. They are ready to offer gardening and farming work, that includes planting of coffee trees, planting of banana plantations, maize, beans and passion fruits; cleaning the environment from rubbish, burning polythene bags, clearing the water banks of River Nile from plastic bottles; general maintenance; cleaning the house, painting the old walls etc. Volunteers will be able to participate in various social projects, for example, a help to poor people, counselling sick people in hospitals; they may be involved in Art project and contribute their talent of painting, singing or acting; teaching English, especially at primary schools around the villages. You can get experience in cooking, building, even training sports teams and what not. Basically, your passion and strong will to help is what they are looking for.

They locate in a beautiful area near the Nile river. Travellers are welcome to visit all villages nearby and share their experience with other communities. You can do some walking tours around the country, hiking, camping and cycling along the river. Don’t miss the chance to try bungee jumping over the Nile.
This community would really appreciate your contribution, if you are interested in spending at least one month in Africa, making this world a little bit better even if for a small group of people, you are warmly welcome to Uganda. Private rooms and free food are provided by host families.


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