Volunteering to help cats! Perfect work for cat lovers

Cats, cats, cats – it’s all about the cats… and a beach.
A Malay fisherman and his family have been feeding cats by the beach for 10 years; now with the help of volunteers from around the world, they have established a working sanctuary for rescued cats and kittens and aim to give them good nutrition and quality care.

They estimate there are now about 150 cats around the Sanctuary and new cats arriving every day. Volunteering to help cats can be a pretty amazing experience, especially for true cat lovers. Cat Beach Sanctuary, located in a remote fishing village in Penang, Malaysia. They call themselves a ‘last resort’ for cats rescued from desperate situations.
The host welcomes volunteers to come help the cats even for an hour or just one day. A wide variety of work needed to help cats including cleaning, building, admin, outreach and cat care. Skilled carpenters are especially needed, but many tasks can be easily done by people with any skills.

As for accommodation, they offer “dorm” type room. Cats will be your neighbors. If you decide to stay for a long term, you will be provided by your own apartment. While they cannot do regular meals, no one ever needs to starve at Cat Beach if you are on a tight budget. The host provides a basic kitchen with utensils and basic staples like noodles and peanut butter usually available for cooking on your own or shared with other volunteers. They have many touristic attractions nearby. The tourist resort of Batu Ferringhi is just 10 minutes walk; it has many different ethnic restaurants. And by the way, Penang is in the top 10 best places in the world to eat!
So dear cat-lovers, go ahead and apply!


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